For all ladies with a shoe size above 25cm(in Japan)

I went to an apparel shop in Tajimi city to get a new pair of shoes in 2012. It was my ever first experience searching for new pair of shoes in Japan. And I couldn’t find any shoes for my 26cm feet. At that time I was really unaware of the shoe size availability in Japan. It was a small shop with very few collections, and I thought it was the one and only reason. Later, when I came back in 2015, I had two pairs of shoes with me. I have never thought that my foot is too big, as I can find footwear easily in my place.

Later, in winter, I went out looking for winter boots in most shops in Tajimi, but couldn’t get one. There were sizes up to 25.5cm, but above that was not available. Later I understand the fact that Japnese people, especially ladies have small feet and hence the shops usually wont have sizes above 25 or 25.5cm. Even the big wholesale footwear dealers, Tokyo shoes, don’t have sizes above 25.5cm.

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For all, especially foreigners, coming to Japan it might be a great issue to get a new pair of shoes unless your feet are below 26cm. Even if you have 25 or 25.5 cm, you might not be able to get a pair that you really love. Most good designs will be available in small sizes only, not only shoes but also dresses. Here are some options that I found really helpful to find a good pair of shoes for myself, and of course for any lady looking for a pair for their unusually large shoes for Japanese standards.

What I tried so far?

I came to know about some online stores recently, one of which I tried. I will share the links to every shop I heard so far. But usually, in the case of casuals what I do is trying the biggest available size, mostly 25.5cm at a shop. Sometimes soft materials fit my feet. I like buying shoes from shops because I can try it before buying. Some online stores allow returns, but still, I don’t want to waste my as well as their time ordering, trying and returning it if it won’t fit me. For sports shoes and some casual shoes, I try those from the men’s section(usually at Tokyo shoe store in Tajimi). Some look fashionable and 26 cm fit well for me.

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I have tried these too, but most shops are beyond my budget. But still, I was able to find a new pair of boots at one among these online stores.

  1. Outlet malls: There are some outlet malls situated in various parts of Japan. For me, Toki Premium Outlets is the nearest one, which is situated in Toki City, Gifu. They have some branded shops like Forever21 with large sized shoes/sandals up to 26.5cm etc.
  2. Online stores: This is the best option to get a pair of shoes without going out in search for a new pair of large size shoes. I found some shops that have really reasonable items.

These are my online favorites. They have choices that I like very much, even at some reasonable price.

a. Shoes 912

b. Oriental traffic online shop

Some other shops with lot fo options are listed below. I have looked through them much time, but the only issue for me is the price, most goes above 10,000yen which is beyond my budget.

c. Kutsunohikari

d. Nissen: You can find a pair of new large size shoes here.

c. Shoes-ten: This shop will offer sizes up to 26cm in most models, but up to 27cm is also available in few numbers. If you are in Tokyo, take a look at their shop in Shinjuku

d. Washington shoes:  Either go to their shops or find your shoes from the online store.  But here, most shoes cost more than 10,000.

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Extra(I have never tried)

3. Shops: These shops situated in Tokyo might help you find shoes for your feet. I have never been to Tokyo in search for a pair until now. If you could get your favorite one here, please let me know. Their site says that they have shoe sizes up to 28cm.

a. Original fan

b. Tulsatime

I don’t know if men also face difficulty finding large size shoes in Japan. Some of the above-listed shops have men’s shoes as well. See if you can your next new pair of shoes in any among these shops.