Find the best winter skincare products for you in Japan

Winter skin irritations like itchiness is a very common issue for most people. I have been suffering it during the winter days, which is truly vexatious. There are some easy remedies you can follow to get rid of this severe winter issue.

1. Control Humidity

You must use a humidifier(加湿器: kashitsuki) to get enough moisture inside your room. During winter, the excessive use of room heaters and air conditioners makes our skin dry and result in itchiness and rashes.


Photo by Tatsuo Yamashita on Flickr

2. Reduce your hot water showers

Long hot water showers (or bathtub) during the winter season is, of course, relaxing. But this will wash away the natural skin oils which and lead to dryness leading to itchiness and irritations. So, reducing the hot bath timing will help overcome the dryness and the resulting itchiness.

3. Avoid using harsh soaps

Using soap, especially, harsh ones during winter will make the skin get dry which result in itchiness, especially among kids, There are many bathing lotions and soaps(like COLLAGE) which can be used to prevent skin irritations. It will help to retain the essential skin oils thereby keeping it moisturized and help relieve the skin irritations.

4. Use skin moisturizers

After every bath, apply some moisturizing lotion all over your body to keep it moisturized and thereby prevent itchiness and irritations. There are moisturizers with long-lasting effect, which could be used during the winter season. We can find moisturizing lotions and creams specially meant for winter skin irritations like itchiness(かゆみ:kayumi)and dryness(乾燥:kanso).

Photo by Marco Verch on Flickr

5. Handcreams, Lip balms for more care

Hand creams and Lipbalms should be applied frequently to keep your hands and lips safe. Lip cracking is a common winter issue, which can be prevented by moisturizing it. There are many medicated lip balms available in the market. Hands being the most exposed parts should be covered with gloves when going out. There is a possibility of chilblains during the winter seasons, which is irritating and painful. Hands coming in contact with water, especially cold water have a high chance of chill blain issue. Always pat the hands dry is the most effective way to keep your hands safe from chilblains. There are creams that can be applied to painful and itchy areas caused by chilblain.

5. Dandruff care

dandruff and scalp itching will also become worse in winter. Finding the right product for your scalp might be confusing, especially if you have the Japanese language trouble. So, please read this article about Japanese antidandruff products and confidently go to some drug store and find these products on the racks.

Antidandruff products

Some winter skin products I have tried 

  1. Mentrum Lip Balm: It is my all time favorite lip balms in Japan. I have never tried other products. This is cheap and effective for my ever cracking lips.
  2. Yu-skin body lotion: During my ever first winter in Japan(2014), skin itching become really terrible and this moisturizer was suggested by the drug store staff. It was really helpful for me. Itchiness went away at the very first use itself. I used it after every shower during the cold season. The same product is available as a cream.

    Yu-skin moisturizer for irritant skin

3. Fullfull next(フルフルネクスト)Antidandruff shampoo: I already posted about various antidandruff products available in Japan. And, among those, I love this shampoo and conditioner for my sensitive scalp. It is also my all-time favorite dandruff care option, especially in winter. (Red one for dry scalp and blue for oily scalp.) For more products, please read this post.

Fullfull next antidandruff shampoo

4. Collage Skincare product series: Actually, I got some sample packets from the children’s clinic. I tried it for my daughter, who has atopic skin. The soap and the lotion seem very effective. I use the soap very often. It might be good for everyone suffering from skin itching and irritations in winter.

Collage skin care products

There are lots of such products available in the Japanese market. Take time and go through the drug store or supermarket racks to get these products. Enjoy the winter season, stay happy without any skin irritations.