Sightseeing cruise, Buffet Lunch and Outlet Park, Bus tour to Shiga Prefecture



From the Biwako ropeway, our group moved towards the Biwako Otsu-kan. Biwako Otsu-kan is a building built to attract international tourists to Shiga prefecture. Built as a hotel on the banks of the Lake Biwa, this huge building is further changed into a museum, with some shops, restaurants etc. The building is surrounded by a beautiful lawn and there is an English garden with various varieties of seasonal flowers like roses. The building architecture is a mixture of western and Japanese styles.

Sightseeing cruise “Michigan” ride

There is a small cruise called Michigan 1898. Visitors can board the cruise just behind the Outsu port near the Otsu kan.

Sightseeing cruise Michigan

The small cruise with three floors has facilities like a small food court, entertainment hall etc. The bottom-most part of the cruise has space for the visitors to enjoy the surrounding views. The second floor holds the entertainment hall. Since we went in October, they already started Halloween celebrations inside the cruise.

The second floor had Halloween decorations and the entertainment hall also had a corner dedicated to that. Some balloon art shows and musical events were held for us.

We walked around to watch the views from every corner of the cruise. The ride was only for some 30 minutes, which took us to the Niono Hama Sightseeing port which was also decorated with Halloween theme.

From there, our bus took us to one of the huge Hotel(Prince hotel) along the banks of Biwa Lake. We had a buffet lunch at the 32nd floor of the huge Hotel facing the Biwa lake. They served freshly prepared western and Japanese foods. It was a nice one hour experience to view the lake while having lunch.

Mitsui Outlet Park

On the way back, they stopped at Mitsui Outlet Park in Ryuo, Shiga. They gave two hours of time for shopping. There were outlets of every branded shop. We walked around and shopped for some time and went to the back side of the outlet park, where we could enjoy the evening view of a beautiful lake and a park aside it. We played with our daughter in that park for around one hour which was a wonderful time for us as our kid and hence we enjoyed it very well.