Biwako(琵琶湖バレー) Valley, Walk above the clouds

It was an unplanned bus tour trip to Shiga’s Biwa Lake Valley. I booked our seats on an October-Wednesday afternoon and decided to join the bus tour group on the very next day. Biwa Lake covers almost one-fourth area of the Shiga prefecture. The bus took us to the foot of a mountain 1100 meters high, from where we started our journey to its heights via ropeway. The ropeway car accommodates about 15-20 people at a time. This is one of the fastest ropeways in Japan.

After reaching the upper ropeway station, we walked towards he Biwako Terrace, which is the number one attraction of this place. Walking through the stone pavements, the spectacular view of the valley started to appear. The top of the Terrace has a cozy cafe with wide glass windows opening to the beautiful view of the valley with clouds floating in the sky just in front of us.
the terrace has beautifully arranged chairs and tables to sit there and enjoy the overwhelming beauty of the surrounding valley. The edges of the terrace had blue tiled shallow pools which emphasized the beauty of the entire scenery.
The Biwako Terrace Cafe has delicious bread, gelato, ginger ale, hot drinks etc. It was a bit colder(11° C) at the top. We got a bottle of turmeric ginger ale and spicy curry bread. Both the drink and snacks along with the surroundings as seen from the cafe balcoy was really soothing.

There are no words to explain the beauty- it was just like we were in the paradise. White cotton-like clouds were in front and beneath us. Paddy fields and landscape along with the Biwa lake were visible through the gaps between the clouds.

Walking through the wooden stairs around the terrace, we can explore the surrounding areas, which provides views of the valley from various angles. The right side of the valley has a Lover’s corner with a heart-shaped stone wall with a narrow central opening and a bell-tower in front of it.

There are other activities like Zipline, Skywalking etc. during the summer season. We got some souvenirs from the shop at the bottom ropeway station. Our bus took us to the next spot after shopping.

350 yen for a small box self-served: My daughter is happy