Amazing things I found in JAPAN

When I came to Japan in 2012, as a first-time visitor I found so many unique things- so amazing, adorable and most of them provides comfort. After that when I started staying here, I also become part of the society and those amazing things are really normal in the everyday life of Japan.

  1. Vending machines(自動販売機):
    Vending machines in Japan

    Vending machines in Japan is very famous as we can find it all over the nation. Reports say that Japan is the country having a great vending machine density all over the world. Starting from the beverages, vending machines selling may items could be seen. Those vending machines selling chocolates, beverages, ice creams etc. could be seen in every shopping malls, streets, railway stations, airports and everywhere in Japan.  Metropolitan cities like Tokyo have really unique vending machines selling a wide variety of items like fruits, umbrella, newspapers, etc. Hot and cold drinks, hot food items etc. could be bought at any time from these special vending machines. Those vending machines selling rice packets, Inkan(personal seal) etc. makes life in Japan more easy and comfortable for busy lives. Most of such unique vending machines are really amazing for a first time visitor in Japan and couldn’t even believe the umpteen possibilities. Now I am also used to buying things from those machines and it is part of my trips in Japan. It makes trips and even life in Japan more comfortable as I can get a bottle of water, or a packet of snack anytime and anywhere if I have some coins with me.

  2. Food Samples(サンプル): Infront of most of the prominent shops of Japan, especially in busy areas, we can see food samples which looks exactly like what we can get on our table once ordered. When I came in Japan for the first time and I traveled across some places in Japan, I have found these samples(サンプル) and even chosen food by looking at the display which can be seen outside the shops through their glass rack. Of course, in the beginning, I thought that these are original food samples displayed for the customers. Only after some days, I could realize the fact that these are plastic samples. Still, whenever I saw some such samples through the shop window, I couldn’t believe that these are dummy items. I didn’t think that these are such costly items. If you want to know the price of these, please check here.
  3. Multifunctional Toilets(トイレ・お手洗い): This is one amazing and most comfortable things I could enjoy in Japan. You can get clean and tidy free toilets anywhere and everywhere in Japan. Not only at the stations or airports, even if you are walking along a street or at a park, but you can also find really clean toilets. Being a lady, it is such a comfortable facility. While in my country, I was(and of course I am) really uncomfortable with those public toilets(which sometimes have to pay for use) which are smelly. After started living in Japan, I am not tensed about those urgent needs. I can use the clean toilets in a convenience store, shops, park, or even along the streets on the way for free. Those multifunctional toilets found in some shopping malls, stations etc. with many switches and auto-flush was so amazing for me when I saw it for the first time.
  4. People wearing masks(マスク):Japanese society is very concerned about their health. We can see even elderly people doing exercises- walking, swimming, jogging and even running. They do concern about the cleanliness as well. Hence are careful to keep their surroundings clean and hygienic. We can see most Japanese people wearing masks while walking through busy streets, in trains, at railway stations etc. especially if they are sick or if it the season of infectious diseases like influenza. Wearing masks seemed very strange for me while I landed in Japan. But now I am also practising the same, as it will, to a certain amount, ensure your safety and prevent yourselves from spreading the illness to others.
  5. Girls doing make-up(化粧) in trains: This is an interesting thing I found in Japam. Especially when taking trips on a holiday, we can see girls doing make-up ina train or bus. Still, I sometimes think if they aren’t feeling shy. But of course, why waste your precious time at home. You can get a calm long time for doing the make-up than spending long hours in front of the mirror at home. But, it is not considered as a good practice to do makeup inside in public places in Japan.

    Girl doing Makeup in train
  6. Lots of people reading books: I have found this really unique practice in every Japanese train journey. Even though the number of people turning over the pages is reducing, still we can find many people reading books on a train. The young generation of Japan seems more addicted to the smartphones: either game, manga, books or newspapers.
  7. Convenience store(コンビニ) lunch boxes(お弁当): Another great thing I found in Japan is the lunchboxes available in the convenience stores and supermarkets of Japan. Packed in a very attractive way, these readily available lunch boxes include every type of food varieties. These lunchboxes are a great blessing to travellers and living-single persons.While on a trip or if you are home tired after job or travel, these lunchboxes(Obento) are the lifesavers. And of course, it is one of the cheapest ways to get your lunch and you can enjoy your lunch at anywhere, in a park or under the tree-shade. You can get it at any convenience stores all-around the day. The Obento makers of Japan is taking care of including items of all varieties in a nutritious and tasty way.

Not only are all these common sights of Japan just amazing, these all make life easier and comfortable. Because of all these and everything here, I am proud of getting such a golden opportunity to live in this beautiful country.