Ume(梅ーJapanese Plum) recipes: June special fruits

Japanese plum tree blossoms will be the first indicators of the Spring season that usually starts in March. By May, plum fruits will be ripened and we could find them at the supermarkets. Usually, we can see green and yellowish plums in big plastic bags of 2 kilos or more. There will be huge bottles, crystal sugar packets etc. too sold along with these. Japanese households used to make plum syrups during this time, and store it to use in Summer. We can also make this delicious syrup at home.

1. Plum syrup(梅シロップ)

Photo by tosa muu on Flickr

Plum syrup is very easy to make at home if you can spend about an hour to clean the plum fruits and get it filled inside a bottle of crystal sugar. Once you get it done, the plum syrup will be ready to be served after two weeks. During the humid summer, it will be really refreshing to have some plum syrup with ice cubes along with a shrivelled plum inside it. Watch how to make Plum syrup and try it.

2. Umeboshi (梅干し)

Umeboshi-Photo by tosa muu on Flickr

Pickled Ume are very popular side dishes in Japnese lunchboxes. These are used to make Onigiri(rice balls) too. Umeboshi is a sour side dish which included the sourness of the plum fruits and that of the other ingredients like salt and vinegar used to pickle it. These are good for digestion and are considered as a preventive medicine too. Making of Umeboshi is a time-consuming procedure lasting for more than a year. The easy way to get Umeboshi is to but a packet of pickled plums from the nearby supermarket. No need to wait for another year to taste it.  The leftover juice of Umeboshi is also consumed as Umezu which is also nice with the taste and smell of Ume fruits.


Umeshu- Photo by Bert Kimura on Flickr

Umeshu is the most famous Japanese liquor made from Japanese plum fruits. It is available in many varieties. Restaurants always serve Umeshu as a special beverage, especially in summer. The smell and of course the taste of Umeshu make it unique from other alcoholic drinks. Those who love alcohol can try this all year round.

Even though plum fruits are seasonal, the taste of Ume will last for the entire year. A large number of Ume fruits will be ripening together and the best way to enjoy them is to preserve it in many ways so that the taste could be made available and enjoyed any time. There are even ice creams, chocolates, snacks etc. available in Ume flavour.Try these very healthy fruits in your favourite way and it will not only provide a new experience to your taste buds but also soothe your stomach too.