How to enjoy Japanese rainy season?

June-July months are the Japanese rainy season. Called Tsuyu(梅雨), the rainy season of Japan will provide a very cool temperature on the rainy days, while it will be humid and hot on all other days. Tsuyu literally means plum rain, maybe because these months are the ripening period of Japanese plums or Ume which we can find in the market. The rainy season will soon give way to the year’s summer, the hottest months of August and September. Being rainy on every other day, it is hard to plan a trip or go outside for some enjoyments during this season. But still, there are a lot of ways to enjoy these months.

1. Go and enjoy some indoor activities or museums.
Those who don’t love walking outside during the rain, it is the best way to make your day. There are a lot of indoor activities like Aquariums, museums, shopping malls, indoor game stations etc. Enjoy your favourite game, watch a movie, shop with your friends, eat at your favourite restaurant.

2. Hydrangea garden visit(紫陽花)

Hydrangea flowers- 紫陽花

Hydrangea is long-lasting beautiful flowers which could be seen in different colours and varieties. There are many gardens, parks etc. conducting Hydrangea festivals during June. You can search for such a place nearby and spend a day enjoying its beauty. As these flowers last for about a month, there is enough time to make such a trip. Even if you couldn’t find Hydrangea festivals nearby, most of the gardens or shrine complexes have these plants. And of course, there will be such a place beside you. These flowers in blue, violet, pink and white colours wet with rain and holding water droplets on their petals and leaves will be really enjoyable.

3. Hotsprings

Photo by u dou on Flickr

Without hot springs, life or trip to Japan is incomplete. And rainy season is, of course, one of the best times to enjoy the hot springs. It will keep you energetic and warm. There are hot spring in most places in Japan. You can enjoy various kinds of hot-spring baths and traditional Japanese dishes there itself.

4. Enjoy seasonal Japanese foods

Japan has so many special dishes in every season and even every month special days. Of course, summer has its own very special Japanese recipes like Hiyashi Chuka, Unagi, Soumen noodles etc. Read about Japanese summer foods in this article. Being the season of Ume(plums), we can see Japanese plums at every supermarket. Ume dishes are a must try during the rainy weather. Read this article to find various Ume recipes, some of which you can make at home very easily.

5. Play with insects, enjoy photography

Rainy season is the best to look out for the cute creatures crawling around. Be careful and look down while you walk on the streets, as some of them will be stamped under your shoes. Please try not to hurt them, they are out for a walk in the rain, just like us. You will be able to get good clicks of snails if you could find them on the wet leaves or land(If you love photography). Always clean your leafy vegetables, especially cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower etc, and look under ever leaflet to see if snails are hiding inside.

 Have you heard of Teru-Teru-Bozu(てるてる坊主)?

Photo from Flickr: by Keng Susumpow

These are small white hanging dolls kept outside, usually near the entrance of the house, wishing to bring a sunny day. As most days of June- July months will be rainy, people wish to get a sunny day, to go out or get the laundry dried. We can find these dolls even at the 100 yen shops. It is very easy to make it, search for “Teru Teru Bozu tutorial” on Youtube and have it done in a few minutes. Let the rain stops and you can go out!!


There are many places in Japan are so beautiful to watch during and after a rain. Especially, some temples and shrines(small ones or those situated in calm areas) will give you a totally different experience during the rainy weather. Getting your seats reserved for some bus tour is a good option, as they will take you to the site and only chance of exposure to rain is at the site, which might be better than usual. Get your rainboots, raincoats or umbrella and go ahead. Rain won’t be a barrier to stop you from enjoying the funs and beauty around you.