Shukkei-en(縮景園) garden

Shukkei-en is situated at a 10-minute walking distance from the Hiroshima castle. It has a history dated back to 1600s when it was constructed along with the former Hiroshima castle. With an entry pass of ¥260, visitors can enjoy the mesmerising beauty of the miniature form of nature inside the four walls of the garden. As the name indicates, this vast Japanese style garden has every attraction- like bridges, a pond named Takuei with more than ten islets in it, colourful Koi fishes, teahouses, small huts, a small shrine, Torii gates, various trees and flowering plants etc. The garden elements are all connected using small stone pavements.

Behind the garden is a river. From the teahouses and small resting areas inside the garden, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery created by the surrounding nature. In April, Peony flowers were blooming and we got the chance to see those wide varieties of Peony kept under the shades of colourful umbrellas.

Peony flowers kept under colourful umbrellas

This garden and its belongings were also destroyed during the atomic bomb blast. It was further restored to its prior condition by reconstructing every single structure including the tea houses named Seifukan and Meigetsutei.

Meigetsutei Teahouse

The garden and its beauty should be enjoyed at its most once visiting Hiroshima city. At least 2 hours is needed to explore and enjoy the garden beauty. Even on hot days, this is an apt location to take a rest while adoring the natural beauty. There are shades of trees and resting areas in between the lush greenery.