Peace Memorial Museum, Hiroshima

The Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima showcases the real situation of Hiroshima city during the atomic bomb blast of 1945 and after that. We were unable to watch every part of the museum as one of the buildings were under renovation.

The second part of the museum where we entered preserves a lot of items ranging from toys to kitchenware of the atomic bomb victims along with the details of the historical bomb blast of WWII. The three-storied museum building has an entry pass worth ¥200 for adults. The journey starts on the third floor of the museum building where we can start viewing the projected wall pictures of Hiroshima city before and after the Atomic bomb blast of 1945. A 3D circular display shows the Hiroshima city before and after that clear beautiful day which was further engulfed by darkness.

Further moving on to the second floor, visitors can read, watch and hear about the atomic bombs. There are many materials like bottles, tiles etc. displayed here to describe how it will be affected by an atomic bomb blast. Photographs of some people affected by radiations are also displayed on the walls, most of which are really scary. Video testimonies are available inside the museum which would be accessed by the visitors to know about the Hiroshima city, atomic bombs and its after-effects.

A- bomb dome before and after the blast

Belongings of people died and survived during the atomic bomb blast are displayed in the first-floor of this building which includes tricycle toys, clothes, diaries, vessels and so on. Most of these items belong to the students who were caught in the fumes of the atomic bomb. Each item has its story written beside it. The life of bomb victims could be seen in front of us through each piece of items. Underground floor of this building has some more items and real stories of the inhabitants of Hiroshima city during that great atomic bomb disaster. Without any words, these displays, writings and photos will describe the days of Hiroshima during those days.

Paper cranes made by Sadako Sasaki

Through each display, Hiroshima expresses its longlasting desire to demolish nuclear weapons from the world and pray for an eternal world peace. At the exit of this museum building, we can see a clock which displays the number of days passed until the Hiroshima bomb blast and the number of days from the usage of the last nuclear weapon.

Former American President Mr Barack Obama’s writing while he visited Hiroshima in 2016

A visit to this museum will never be erased from your mind, as it can create such a great vibration down in your heart. It is a must visit when you are in Japan. You should also spend enough time over there to watch every single bit of items of the display.

The clock at the museum entrance

Frankly saying, I will never go there again as my mind weeps every second I am thinking about that two hours I spent inside the museum. I am so moved and empathised for those people who suffered those days, and deep from my heart pray for their souls.