Mt.Misen Ropeway, Miyajima

Mt. Misen can be accessed either by the walking trails in between the woody mountains or by ropeway. Since we were accompanied by our two-year-old kid, we opted the ropeway. Mt. Misen ropeway station is situated at a 15-minute walking distance from the pagoda of Itsukushima shrine. We can walk through the famous autumn fall viewing location, Momijidani Park, of Miyajima. The park and the surrounding areas have lots of Japanese maple trees which will turn into red colour during Oct-Nov months. Bridges, resting areas, water bodies etc. are present in the Momijidani Park. We can enjoy the beauty of Miyajima valley while walking through the park. Small waterfalls and streams running in between the woody mountains could be enjoyed while walking towards the Ropeway station. Those having time and convenience should take a stroll up to the Mt. Misen summit to enjoy the entire natural beauty.

There are shuttle bus services available at every 20 min intervals. This bus will take you up to a point 100 meters away from the ropeway station located on a small hill.

Round trip ropeway ride costs 1800¥ for adults and 900¥ for children(Check fare here). There are two ropeways present here. The first ropeway car that could accommodate 8 people usually ride with 4 to 6 persons.

First Mt. Misen ropeway car along the Momijidani line

These small ropeway cars will be departing at every one-minute intervals, which will take the visitors through the Momijidani line. It moves over the woody mountains, giving panoramic views of the Seto Inland Sea and the surrounding cities at a long distance. From the second station, ropeway cars with a capacity of around 30 people leave the station whenever enough visitors arrive there.

Second Mt. Misen ropeway car along Shishiiwa line

This second line is named as Shishiiwa line, which gives an experience like moving over the Inland Sea. The gondola takes you to the uppermost ropeway station called Shishiiwa station. We have to walk some more steps to reach the summit of Mt. Misen which will fill the give you miraculous views of the Inland sea and the surrounding mountains. We can see many islets and cities including Hiroshima lying along the Seto Inland Sea. We cannot set a specific time duration for enjoying the scenery we could get from the Mt. Misen. I think even half a day is not enough to enjoy it. For those travelling with toddlers and kids, the place is not so safe to spend longer. As the Mountain summit is full of rocks, chances of falling down and causing injuries are more. You can spend time near and around the ropeway station.