Enjoy Hanami(Cherry blossom viewing) near Nagoya

The beauty of Japanese Cherry blossoms is world famous. Everybody in Japan will be waiting for the cherry flowers to bloom after every winter season. Eating under the shades of Cherry trees filled with pink and white flowers(Hanami) enjoying the cool spring breeze and petal showers is the best of the things experienced during a Japanese spring season. March 21st of every year is marked as the Spring Equinox day, which is a public holiday in Japan. Even though the time for cherry blossoms may vary slightly in every year, people will be eagerly looking forward to that day of peak blooming.

To enjoy the Hanami at its most, it’s better to find a location with lots of blooming cherry trees which brings you to a fairy-like world of flowers. For those visiting Nagoya or living around Aichi, Gifu prefectures can go to these locations to enjoy a Spring day lunch with your family or friends.

1.Higashiyama Park(東山公園)

Higashiyama Koen

Higashiyama park which comprises a zoo, botanical garden and a park is one of the most famous Cherry blossom viewing spots. With more than 3500 cherry trees, it is the best spot for Hanami for families. You can enjoy the zoo and the gardens and the rides of the Park. Higashiyama park is situated near the Subway Higashiyama station of Nagoya. MAP

2. Yamazaki-Gawa(山崎川)


The area around Yamazakigawa is the number one spots for cherry blossom viewing in Aichi prefecture. Pink colours surrounding the Yamazaki river banks and surrounding will take you to a complete world of flowers. For those who love photography can enjoy taking stunning sceneries of cherry blossoms along the river banks.MAP

3. Tsuruma Park(鶴舞公園)


Tsuruma Park

Tsurama park is an old beautiful park situated right aside the Tsuruma station of JR Chuo line. The vast park has a fountain, pavements and grounds. A small building aside the park holds activities for kids and elders. Tsurumai park has more than 1000 cherry trees lining up along the streets to make the park lively during the month of April.A lot of visitors to various parts of the city come here to enjoys Hanami in this Park. This is an easily accessible Hanami location not very far from Nagoya Station. MAP


4. Togokusan fruit park(東谷山フルーツパーク), Kozoji

Togokusan(mount Togoku) is located near the Kozoji station on JR Chuo Line. This fruit park is another famous location for Hanami in Nagoya. This is one of the calm locations in Nagoya to spend a day enjoying the natural beauty. The park with wide varieties of plants bearing fruits and flowers has a greenhouse with plant and tree varieties from various parts of the world. More than 1000 cherry trees, most of them of weeping variety sakura could be enjoyed here. You can enjoy fishing in the small lake with a fountain inside the park. It’s not only a place to enjoy the natural beauty of spring, but you can do some reasonable fruit shopping(usually Strawberries in March-April) from the special counters of the park. MAP

5. Nagoya Castle(名古屋城) and Meijo Park(名所公園)

Situated near the Shiyakusho station of the Meijo line, Nagoya castle is the heart of Nagoya city which is the number one tourist attractions of the place. The garden surrounding Nagoya castle is a famous Cherry blossom viewing locations. There are more than 1500 cherry trees around the Nagoya castle MAP and the nearby Meijo park. MAP.

6. Heiwa park(平和公園)

Heiwa park is situated at a walking distance from the Higashiyama park. More than 2500 cherry trees adorn this park and surroundings to welcome the visitors to enjoy their meal enjoying the cherry blossoms and the petal shower bring by the coll spring breeze. Being another popular location to enjoy the Hanami, Heiwa park is a calm and quiet place to get together with your family or friends.  MAP

There are many small parks and streets with many cherry trees all over the nation. Based on your time and convenience, even if you can’t travel to these popular spots, hanami could be enjoyed in every place.