Amazing food samples(サンプル) of Japan

For a first-time visitor in Japan, these food samples will be really an amazing experience. For you can find such beautiful, mouth-watering sample foods made in such a way that every minute part of the Japanese dishes looks exactly the same. Looking similar to the original food that you can get on your table, these food samples are made of plastic. When we look it more deeply, we can see a shiny appearance to these fake food items being displayed. For a person who is unable to read Kanji or for those who have no idea of the foods at a restaurant by just knowing the names, these samples are very helpful. You can expect how the food will look like while you get it served. Most of the Japanese restaurants have such samples along with the cost board displayed inside the glass windows or on special racks in front of the shop. Visitors can decide what they want from even without entering the shop. 

These plastic samples can not only be used by the restaurants or food stalls, some kitchenware manufacturers and designers make use of these sample in their work to do trials. Even we can find these items being used by kids as toys which look exactly same as the original food items.

Not only is it available as those we can see through the shop windows, but also we can get key chains, mobile phone covers etc. in the shape of these really mouthwatering original-looking samples. These amazing food samples, even though made of plastic are not very cheap. Have a look at this online shop for these sample goods. Food sample Online shop