Ume blossom viewing locations near Nagoya

It’s around mid-march and this year’s freezing winter in Japan has already waved ‘Goodbye’. The cool breeze and warm weather are pampering all creatures. Trees and plants have become energetic sprouting buds and welcoming the migrating birds back to their branches. The season of flowers is just beyond our doorsteps. One of the most beautiful seasons, the season of flowers is announced by the pink, white and Red Plum(Japanese apricot) or Ume flowers. We can already see these flowers in every Japanese garden. Being the precursors of Japan’s famous Cherry blossoms, Ume looks somewhat similar to the Sakura or Cherry blossoms. Ume, for food lovers, is Umeboshi, the pickled plums of Japan. But, before those plums develop, those plum trees are adorning the surroundings with the beauty and scent of its colourful flowers.

I think a visit to the nearby Ume viewing(Umemi) locations is the perfect thing after every winter. It will excite you and provide a calmness to your mind and body. These are some Ume viewing locations near Nagoya area of Japan

1.Higashiyama Park(Zoo and botanical garden)

Higashiyama park of Nagoya is famous as a Hanami(Cherry blossom viewing) spot. Not only is the cherry blossoms, but also this place also has around 200 Plum trees of various varieties. It is the best place for Umemi with kids. They can enjoy the zoo, the rides as well as the beautiful flowers welcoming the season.Higashiyama park is situated near the Subway Higashiyama station of Nagoya. MAP

2.Nagoya Nogyo(Agricultural) centre

The Nagoya Agricultural centre has about 700 Ume trees(as seen on the website) of various varieties. During the season, they conduct a festival called Shidare Ume festival to attract the visitors. The location is situated near the Hirabari station on the Tsurumai subway line. MAP

3. Togokusan fruit park, Kozoji

Photo by Kazu Masuda on Flickr

Togokusan(mount Togoku) is located near the Kozoji station on JR Central line(Chuo Line). This fruit park is another famous location for Hanami in Nagoya. This is one of the calm locations in Nagoya to spend a day enjoying the natural beauty. The park with wide varieties of plants bearing fruits and flowers has a greenhouse with plant and tree varieties from various parts of the world. MAP

4. O-Agata Jinja

O- Agata shrine Ume festival(2017)

O-Agata Jinja of Inuyama, known as the women’s shrine, has around 300 Ume trees with weeping branches planted over a small hill behind the shrine. Walking all the way through the pavement running in between the  Ume trees on both sides will give you a wonderful experience of Spring season. The cool breeze and warm weather of a summy day is perfect for enjoying the place and spending some time on the seats arranged for visitors along the trail. You can even buy Ume trees or other plants from the temporary shops which appear during this time. Read the detailed article about Umematsuri at O-Agta Jinja. MAP

5. Nagoya castle and Meijo Park

Photo by Tomo on Flickr

Situated near the Shiyakusho station of the Meijo line, Nagoya castle is the heart of Nagoya city which is the number one tourist attractions of the place. The garden surrounding Nagoya castle is a famous Cherry blossom viewing locations. There are some 100 trees of Plums around the Nagoya castle. MAP.Situated right near the Nagoya castle if Nagoya’s famous flower plaza, the Meijo park. Here also, we can enjoy the Ume blossoms of more than 50 Ume trees.MAP


There are yet another locations in Nagoya which are famous for Ume blossoms. Some of them with more than 100 trees are Mukoyama Bairin-enIwazu Tenmangu shrine, Aichi prefectural Ueki Center etc. There are many other famous Ume viewing locations situated at some distance from Nagoya city (eg. Sohri Midori to Hana no Fureai-Koen) with thousands of Ume trees of wide varieties. For all the locations and their details, please see the official tourist website of Nagoya city.

Enjoy the onset of the spring season by welcoming the plum blossoms around you.