Hinamatsuri special exhibition(ひなまつり特別展示会場) and sale along the Tajimi Oribe street.

Hinamatsuri is the girl’s festival celebrated in Japan on March 3 and the celebrations last for a month in most places. During March-April months, we can see Hinamatsuri doll arrangements and exhibitions in many places. Tajimi city is conducting such an exhibition on the first floor of the Tajimi cultural hall from February to March. Entry to the exhibition hall is free for everyone. The exhibition showcases Hina dolls, the pair dolls. Most of these doll pairs are made out of old Kimono pieces stuffed with cotton.

As 2018 is the year of Dog according to the Chinese Zodiac calendar, the exhibit of this year was full of dolls with dog heads. Other decorations made out of Kimono cloth pieces were also exhibited there, which includes wall hangings, sculptures, flower vases, roof hangings and so on.

Every piece of work in the exhibit reflected the talent of local artists, mostly a group of elderly who made these excellent pieces of works. A small stall aside the exhibition hall sells the raw materials for making similar works, like old Kimono pieces, cloth strips, thread etc.

Special sale along the Oribe street

Oribe street of Tajimi is famous for the traditional Mino ceramic wares. The old street has many famous ceramic stalls and manufacturers. In the month of April, the Oribe street holds Ceramic festival in which the local companies and manufacturers sell their authentic ceramic items at an affordable rate tot he visitors. It is the time when a lot of people from various part of the nation visits the Oribe street to get their ceramic table wares and sculptures.

During the Hinmatsuri season, there will be special sale conducted in most of the shops along the Oribe street. The main building of the Oribe street called ‘Tajimi Souzoukan(多治見創造館)’ that holds many shops inside it has Hinamatsuri dolls arranged at its entrance along with Hina dolls discount sales in most of the ceramic shops inside it. also, the cloth made ceramic dolls and other decors are displayed for sale on the second floor of the building.


Most of the shops inside the building give a discount for all their products during this time. The famous bread shop ‘Artigiano’ is situated opposite to this building which is the best place to enjoy your food once you visit the Oribe street.

Once we walk through the Oribe street during this time, we can see special decorations in front of every shop. Among the many houses and buildings along the street which all are remaining of the Edo period are housed with ceramic shops.

One of the Edo period houses on Oribe street housing a ceramic shop