Coupon tickets, Kaisuken(回数券) for JR and bus- An economic travel option for part-time workers in Japan.

If you are a part-time employee commuting to your workplace twice or thrice in every week, you can opt the Coupon tickets of Japan Railways called Kaisuuken(回数券). It is also known as Kaisuu Josha ken(回数乗車券) or Multiple riding tickets. For those who are planning to make more than 10 trips(one way) to a particular place by JR trains, this is the best option. You can get 11 tickets at the price of 10. For eg. If a one-way ticket costs 500 yen, you can get 11 tickets for 5000 yen. These tickets are valid up to 3 months from the issue date.

Who can make the best use of Kaisuken?

Any JR passenger travelling within a distance of 200 kilometres can buy these tickets. This is the very useful option for anyone making 10 round trips rides between two particular stations within three months.

  1. Part-time workers who want to go to work 2 or 3 days per week.
  2. Those making regular weekend trips to a particular place.
  3. If travelling with more than 5 family members or friends.
  4. If you have plan travelling between two particular stations more than ten times(one way) in three months.

How to buy Kaisuken?

Either you can approach the ticket counter and ask for Kaisuken by telling the destination station name. Or you can buy it directly from the ticket vending machine.

1.At the station counter

Ask for coupon tickets at the station’s ticket counter. If you are travelling from station X to Station Y, ask “X Eki kara Y Eki no Kaisuken 1 setto kudasai “(Please give me one set of coupon tickets from Station X to Station Y). They will issue the ticket which will be a big-sized ticket similar to MARS(Multi Access Seat reservation system) ticket.

2. From the vending machine

It is very easy to buy Kaisuken from the ticket vending machine. You have to just go through the steps as per the instructions given by the vending machines and pay the amount. See the pictures below.

Step 1: Select 回数券(Coupon ticket).

Step 2: The screen then displays all the fare options available. Select the ordinary one-way ticket price for your destination station.

Step 3: The screen then displays all the stations with the same ticket rate. Select your station name.

Step 4: It will display the total amount to be paid. Insert the amount and get your 11 tickets and balance amount, if any.

Once you enter the amount, it will take some time for issuing tickets which is of the same size as the ordinary JR tickets. If receipt is needed, you can get it by tapping the ‘Receipt’ button.


1.  No need of lining up in front of the ticket vending machine every day.

2.  Price benefit: You will get one extra ticket for the price of 10.

3. If you are taking tickets from Station X to station Y, and if you have to get off at Station Z in between X and Y, it is possible to use the ticket which will be collected at the exit gate of Station Z.

4. If you don’t want the tickets already taken, it will be refunded( a small amount will be deducted as service charge from the refund amount).


  1. You cannot use these tickets for going to other stations. For eg., if you bought Kaisuken to travel between Station X and Station Y, you cannot use the same ticket for travelling from Station X to Station Z or between Station Y to Station Z(even if the ticket price is the same). You can only use it to travel from either Station X to Station Y or from Station Y to Station X. The station names will be printed on the Kaisuken, and it can only be used to travel between those mentioned stations.
  2. You cannot take Kaisuken from a different JR station. For eg., if you are travelling between Station X and Station Y, you can take the coupon tickets only from either the station X or from the station Y.

Things to note

  1. These coupon tickets are not available in subways /metros.
  2. If there are stations X-> Y-> Z in a line, and you want to go from X to Z, it is better taking tickets from X to Z, given the ticket price from X to Y and X to Z are the same. So that you can travel from X to Y or from X to Z and vice-versa.

What to do if tickets already have taken are not needed or incorrect?

1.If tickets are taken wrongly

If you have taken Kaisuken from the vending machine with wrong station names, it is possible to get a full refund if you submit it to the Station counter ASAP.

2.If you don’t want the remaining Kiasuken that you have already taken 

If you don’t need the Kaisuken anymore, you can submit it at the Station ticket counter to get the amount refunded, for the unused tickets. A small amount will be deducted from the refund as the service charge.

Kaisuken for Shinkansen

Not only on the JR trains, Kaisuken is available for Shinkansen also. If you have plans taking a particular Shinkansen route more than 5 times, Kaisuken will be reliable as you can get 11 tickets at the price of 10(There may be a slight change in the number of tickets in a Kaisuken set in some areas).

Kaisuken on buses

Kaisuken for city bus(Tajimi city, Gifu)

Kaisuken is available for city buses also. You can ask the bus station staff for the Kaisuken. It is also issued as a set of 11 tickets at the price of 10.