Kaomoji is a combination of two words Kao=face and Moji-character. And it is that it literally means. Kaomoji are Japanese emoticons made using some punctuations and Japanese letters. These emoticons are used by Japanese people while texting or emailing. Even in this era of mobile communications when people uses various Emoji, some people still love using these typed emoticons which can express the feelings through some symbols arranged in a perfect meaningful way. These emoticons are written straight by making use of many symbols to create a shape or an emotion, which make it more convenient. Apart from the commonly used Western emoticon written at right angles (For eg., :), ;( etc. ) where we have to tilt our face to view the expression correctly, Kaomoji could be experienced along with the text.

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The most important characteristic of Kaomoji is that the importance is given to the eyes. The shape of the eyes is emphasised to express the emotion. Not only emotions or actions, characters and even stories could also be written using these cute emoticons. Using Kaomoji is a bit difficult without better understanding. The basic knowledge of Kaomojiisneeded to understand what each emoticon means. There are more than ten thousand Kaomoji emoticons. Once we could understand the meanings of the symbols to be used in various situations, we can start making our own Kaomoji for different occasions.

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How to make Kaomoji

A face is usually expressed using closed parentheses or braces with mainly eyes and mouth enclosed inside it. Emotions are emphasised using the shape of the eyes. Usually ^,  ̄,´,`, .`,`.  etc are used to make the eyes of a happy face. The mouth will be using the symbols ω,▽,‿.ヮ etc. The use of ♡ symbol within these Kaomoji shows the emotion of love while eyes in the shapes like *, o etc. is used to express discomforts. <,>,# etc are symbols used to express dislikes, while eyes of shape ` ´ express anger. Eyes will be using the symbols Т Т,  > <, ; ; to express crying.

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Some Kaomoji examples

Happy  (^▽^)     (*^‿^*)       ( ^ ω ^)       \(^ヮ^)/

Sad        (T_T)    (。╯︵╰。)

Love (*♡∀♡)

Dislike (#><)

Anger   ( ` ω ´ )

Surprise   w(°o°)w

Sorry   m(. .)m

Greet ( ´ ∀ ` )ノ