Japanese skin whitening products

The bright flawless skin of Japanese people is really admirable. Along with their healthy diet, a lot of very effective skin care products also help them maintain a bright and healthy skin. We can find a lot of whitening products in the Japanese market. The Japanese word Bihaku(美白) which means ‘skin whitening’ could be seen on the labels of such products.

Whitening products will not reduce your natural skin tone


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Before using these what we have to understand is that most of these products will not increase your skin colour, but helps in removing the blemishes or scars from your skin to make it flawless and smooth.

These are available at a reasonable rate of 500 yen to very high prices. Based on the ingredients and the popularity, the value also increases. Depending upon our budget, we can find a wide range of products which all are effective for the intended purpose.

Types of whitening products

There are many brands of whitening products available in the Japanese market all of which can ensure a very good result.

Whitening soaps and facewash:

Being the basic whitening products, many brands of whitening soaps and face wash are found common in the cosmetic item lists of Japan. Most of these have natural ingredients like herbal extracts, natural minerals etc. The facial soap products are mostly available in a very high price range. Soaps for skin whitening are usually enriched with Vitamin C, a well known natural ingredient for brighter skin along with other active ingredients to reduce the melanin production(Shouvy’s Gluta white soap, Yamashiro’s organic soap). A lot of charcoal soap products for cleansing and toning the skin are also very popular among the skin products.

Skin brightening lotions and creams

Skin brightening lotions are another common product used by most of the Japanese in their daily routine. These are watery lotions which can be used to correct the skin flaws and hence brightens the skin. Perfect whip, Hatomugi, Kose’s sekkisei series etc. are some among the skin brightening lotions. Please read this article to know my views after using three different types of skin lotions in Japan.

Whitening masks:

A lot of face masks are available for akin whitening. This is one of the cost-effective ways to get a soft and clear skin. KOSE have some whitening mask products with Vitamin C as an ingredient which gives better result on continuous use. Available in different labels, each type is said to have ingredients obtained from various sources like fruits, honey etc. Berylabo, Lululun etc. are some of the famous whitening masks available in Japan.

Whitening sunscreen lotions

Thre are a lot of sunscreens available in the Japanese drug market. With SPF ranging from 15 to 50+, they are primarily intended to provide protection from the sunrays. But some of them have active ingredients to provide skin brightening properties included in it. Biore UV, Anessa, Skin Aqua, Allie etc. are some among them.

Whitening tablets:

There are very effective whitening tablets available in Japanese drug market. These are intended to reduce the melanin formation in the body. Vitamin C supplements could also be found which is a very famous way to achieve shiny and flawless skin tone.

Some skin care products with special ingredients could be found in Japan. It includes charcoal-based skin products, soymilk based products, green tea based ones etc.