Three popular skin conditioners(a review)

Even though there is a long line of skin lotions available, these are three of the skin conditioners that I have used till now. Of course, all the three are satisfiable, I am just introducing these to non-Japanese people who are looking for such products. These are watery lotions that can be applied to face/skin after a bath or washing. Makeup could be used on top of these skin lotion(化粧水). These products and all the similar ones are intended to keep your skin moisturized and by daily use, it will help giving a glow to your face. Look for the word 化粧水(keshousui) when looking for such products. I am just comparing these products based on their price as you can find a wide range of products.

  1. KOSE`s Sekkisei series: It is one of the most popular cosmetic brands in Japan. It could be seen in every drug stores of Japan. The whitening products of this series will help in removing the blemishes and dark tones of your skin. It makes use of herbal extracts which is the best part of using this product. 
  2. Hatomugi(ハトムギ 化粧水): Hatomugi is a very reasonable and effective skin moisturiser with the whitening agent. Naturally available herbal extract(tear grass oil) is used in this product. 
  3. Shiseido’s Elixir series: Elixir is a quite costly brand of cosmetic items. It has moisturiser, emulsion, face wash etc. available in small bottles as a set. It is also effective for removing the skin flaws and keep your skin soft.

Among these three, I love Hatomugi for its low price(around 600 yen), but still effective for what it is offering. For those who are searching for whitening products, go through the racks of the supermarket or drug store and look for the word 美白 which is what you are searching for. You will come across lots of items. SHISEIDO, SK-II, ELIXIR, Hadalabo etc. are some of the famous brands in this field. As every Japanese product are trusted for its ingredients and effectiveness, you can go for any of this.