Charcoal skin care in Japan

Charcoal is used in many different ways in Japan. You may find a lot of skin care products making use of charcoal. Charcoal, as we know, is a very good adsorbent. Hence it is used for adsorbing impurities into its many pores present on the surface. These skin care products ensure a natural skin care treatment in which the dirt is removed from the skin and keep it healthy and bright. It is very easy to spot charcoal based skin care products from the drugstore racks. These black coloured soaps, face masks, shampoo, soaps etc. are very popular in Japanese markets from ancient time onwards.

Charcoal Soaps

Many types of charcoal-based soaps are available in the Japanese market. Each product has its own specialities, as they use charcoal obtained from different sources. Other naturally obtained ingredients are incorporated in most of such products which promise extra skin benefits.

1.Sumi Haigou Settuken Charcoal Bar Soap (炭配合せっけん)

These soaps which cost around 400 yen comes in a packet with 3 bars. These black bars which make use of medicated charcoal which removes the dirt from the skin pores and reduce the oil on the skin. The charcoal used in this product is obtained by continuously burning oak tree branches which has several cleansing power. This soap makes use of bamboo vinegar which moisturises the skin and provides protection against many skin problems.

2. Deitanseki (泥炭石) soap

This soap makes use of medicated charcoal and bentonite clay as the key ingredients. Charcoal cleanses the pores while bentonite clay helps to provide smoothness and brightens the skin.

3. Sakurajima volcanic ash soap(桜島火山灰配合せっけん)

Along with other natural extracts, this soap contains the volcanic ash from Sakurajima of Kagoshima prefecture. Rich in natural minerals, it also helps clean the skin pores and thereby keeps the skin healthier and brighter.

There are yet many other charcoal bar soaps available in Japan. Each has charcoal obtained from various sources aa the main ingredient along with other natural ingredients.

4. Hinoki deitanseki(ひのき泥炭石)

Hinoki is the cypress pine trees in Japan.This soap contains the activated charcoal obtained by burning this pine tree wood. The soap has a good smell of Hinoki and the skin care properties are the highlight of Hinoki Detanseki soaps.  Along with the bentonite clay which brightens the skin, hinoki enriches the product by ensuring a protection against skin irritations, rashes etc.

Charcoal facemasks

Charcoal face masks are available for cleansing the facial pores and giving it more brightness. The most cheaper one among this is available in the Daiso shops of Japan. This black mask helps in removing the dirt and hence clear the impurities which result in a healthy skin. It is available in many forms like Blackhead removing masks, cleansing masks etc. Charcoal masks are available from popular cosmetic producers like KOSE.

Charcoal face washes and foam

Several face washes are also produced by various companies separately for men and women. The same bar soap products discussed above are available as face washes also. Containing activated charcoal as the main ingredient, these face washes clean the pores on the skin which provides a deep cleansing effect on the skin.

Other uses of charcoal in Japan

Charcoal in food and water: Charcoal is not only limited to be used in the skin conditioning and cosmetic world but also it is made use of in the toothpaste and even while cooking rice. Japanese used to put charcoal pieces(bamboo charcoal) in the rice while cooking it so that the rice will be cooked much tastier as the charcoal helps in removing the odour while the rice is being cooked. With the same purpose, these are used in drinking water also.

Charcoal toothpaste: Suminski is one of the leading charcoal toothpaste in Japan. It helps to remove bad odour from the mouth and keep the gums and teeth healthy.

Charcoal hair care products: Shampoos and rinses with activated charcoal are also available which helps in cleaning the scalp and hair by removing the dirt and odour.

Charcoal products are used in Japan from ancient days onwards for cleaning purposes. As some of this skin care item is relatively cheaper, it can be used by everyone in daily life as skin care solutions. Some such products are even available at 100 yen shops which makes it much more popular and increases its demand.