The ceramic world of Oribe Hills(織部ヒルズ), Toki, Gifu (Toki Minoyaki festival ground)

Most parts of the Gifu prefecture is well known for its ceramics. Many renowned ceramic factories and manufacturers are located in this area. Apart from all these, Japan’s famous ceramic museums are located here. Many ceramic festivals are also conducted in various parts of Gifu prefecture which brings lots of Japanese and foreign visitors to the festival grounds.

Oribe Hills, Toki

Oribe Hills of Toki city is one of the great ceramic showrooms of Gifu prefecture. Within the vast grounds of Oribe streets, we can find a lot of ceramic ware shops, and their factories. These wholesale shops are open to the general public where people can select ceramic items from a wide variety of wonderful kitchen wares, and other household items. The vast displays arranged on the racks of each shop are amazing. Apart from the kitchen wares and household items, we can find various sculptures and other ceramic show items. Being made by renowned producers, these world class items produced on Japan’s Minoyaki ground will cost that much. But still, we can find some items for sale every day.

Shops of Oribe hills

Upon visiting a shop named ‘Kanesho Toki Shizukikama’ with two floors, ceramic plates, spoon, bowl, cup, sculptures etc. were displayed on the first floor. While on the second had crockeries in large numbers which is for wholesale, really meant for restaurants or cafes.

‘Ku-kan’, is a shop where we could find a huge collection of ceramic interior decors like colourful lamps, biwa(a Japanese musical instrument), huge vases, glass paintings, cute beautiful cups etc. Some unique kitchen wares are also displayed here. Many other similar shops like Potter .M, La Fiore, Hana Hana etc. could be located here.

There are workshops done by many ceramic makers where visitors can make their own potteries under guidance. Eventhough, the shops are mainly run by the Japanese ceramic companies, we can find many western style goods in some shops. Every shop has certain unique products which sets their signature. Various seasonal events and ceramonies are conducted on the grounds of Oribe Hills.

Minoyaki festival

Minoyaki festival(May) is a yearly event conducted ithe Oribe hills during which time most shops here make unbelievable offers for their authentic ceramic items. Many small stalls could also be lined up along the streets of Oribe hills in temporary tents from where we can go for a treasure hunt to collect our favourite ceramic kitechen wares at a very cheap price. During the festive seaon, we can enjoy strret peformances and the taste of Japanese street foods along with taking home some valuable ceramic wares from Japan’s number one ceramic makers.

Chazuke day (Oct 4)

October 4th is observed as ” chazuke” day, a day for consuming Ochazuke. During this special day, Ochazuke is served in a various combination of ceramic crockeries like chawan(rice bowl), yunomi(tea cup), kyusu(tea pot) and hashioki(chopstick rest), small plates, etc.

At the entrance of the Oribe hills, we can find a building which holds some restaurant, suvenior shops, and small stalls selling local produces(occasionally).