Seijin no hi(成人の日)- 2nd Monday of January

Seijin no Hi(Coming of the Age day) is a public holiday in Japan celebrated on the second Monday of every January. It is the special day for those who turned 20 years old in that year. There will be special ceremonies conducted in every city or prefectural halls to remind the new adults about their responsibilities as an adult person.

Photo by Dave O on Flickr

The new adult girls wear costly Kimonos with long sleeves. Long-sleeved Kimonos called furisode are worn by unmarried women of Japan. These are very costly Kimonos which is used during special occasions like wedding. As it is very costly to buy a Kimono which is rarely used, most of the Japanese rent the ceremonial Kimono for their special day. Seijin no hi is considered as the first day to wear Kimono as a lady. Men usually select suits and pants for attending the function, Hakama are also used by some people. Friends and family parties will be held on this day.

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Cities will send the invitation to attend the ‘Seijin shiki’ ceremony for young adults. All the city residents who turned 20 years in between April months of the past and current years are invited to this ceremony.

Like the ‘shichi-go-san’ or other special days, it is a commercially important day for the photo studios, and gift shops of Japan. As young adults wear special Kimonos and costumes while attending the Seijin shiki, photo shoots will also be arranged by some people to make the day memorable.

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Salons play a major part in the day of almost every person celebrating this special day. They will get up before the sunrise and rush to the beauty Salons to get dressed and do the makeup for the function. Most people used to visit the shrines or temples on this day. Restaurants and shops will also arrange special menus and offers for the day. Most youngsters love to spend their day with their friend circles in restaurants, shopping or outings.