Some Japanese signboards

These are some sign boards that we can see around us when we walk through Japanese streets. Some places have signboards with its English alternatives written alongside. Let’s go around and explore more words you can see around.

Words Reading Meaning
1 日本 Nihon/ Nippon Japan
2 駐車場 Chushajo Parking slot
3 注意 Chuui Caution  
4 En/Yen Yen
5 お手洗い(トイレ) Otearai(toire)



Photo by underclass cameraman on Flickr
6  Kusuri  Drugs
7 入口 Iruguchi Entrance
8 出口 Deguchi Exit
9 銀行 Ginko Bank
10 Eki Station
11 病院 Byouin  Hospital
12 酒/たばこ  Sake/tobacco  alcohol/tobacco

Seen in front of the convenience stores
13 止まれ  tomare  Stop  
14 立入禁止  tachirikinshi  Keep out  
15 禁煙  Kinen  No smoking
16 バス停  basu tei  Bus stop
17 非常口  Hijyoguchi  Emergency exit
18 時間  jikan  time
19 午前  gozen  forenoon
20  午後  gogo  afternoon  
21 月・火・水・木・金・土・日



22 クリニック kuriniku Clinic
23 クリーニング kuriiningu Cleaning
24 一方通行 ippotsuukou One way