Nabana no Sato(なばなの里)

Nabana no Sato is a flower park associated with Nagashima Spaland. Situated at a 15-minute walking distance from the Spaland, this place is famous as a best winter illumination spot near Nagoya. The park can be accessed via bus or train from the Nagoya station. Nabana no Sato is a vast flower park with seasonal flowers in it. Despite the season, it is a right destination to enjoy.

Winter Illumination

Winter illuminations of Nabana no Sato will be held from late October to May. The illuminations will be starting at 5 pm every day. The vast flower park will be illuminated everywhere with thousands of colourful LEDs. A big tunnel of illumination is one of the attractions of this time. There is a small island at the centre of a pond which is also illuminated.It is another spectacular view of this place.

A circular observation tower that moves at the top of the park area gives visitors a great chance to view the lighted up surroundings. Every year an LED light show will be held here based on some particular theme. It will last for some 10 minutes and will be held many times a day from the time when the illumination starts.

From the LED light show, 2014

This is the LED illumination show of 2016-17. Theme: ‘The 7 continents’

New Year celebration is also held in this park every year. Hundreds of people will be assembling here to celebrate the New Year in the coldest midnight.

Tunnel of illumination, Nabana no Sato

The entrance fee during the winter illumination is 200 yen per person. 1500 yen will be given as three coupons of 500 yen which could be used in the shops of Nabana no Sato.

Other seasons

There will be visitors in Nabana no Sato during the daytime also. Seasonal flowers could be viewed here in every season. Autumn flowers here are the Cosmos and Dahlia while in Summer it is Irises and Hydrangea. During the spring season, roses and tulips of various colours could be viewed. The winter illuminations last till May. So during April and May, both the flower gardens of daytime and the winter illumination of evenings could be enjoyed for about one month.

There is a greenhouse with potted flowering plants which has a great collection of plant varieties displayed. It is named as Andes-Begonia Garden. There is an extra entry fee to get inside this greenhouse. A small hot spring for dipping feet( “Ashi yu”) is also present here where visitors can relax after walking through the spacious park.

Moving Observatory deck

There are a lot of restaurants and souvenir shops in the flower park. There is a beer garden in the park grounds which serves local beer.

Beer garden