Chrysanthemum doll festival(菊人形) at Gifu park: Oct-Nov

Gifu park situated at the foot of Mount Kinka is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Gifu city. The park and the surrounding places are always visitor friendly irrespective of the seasons. Being a park with many autumn trees, Mount Kinka and the Gifu park offers a breathtaking view during the months of October-November. Maples and other trees adorn the park and the surroundings in reddish and yellowish tint during the autumn season. Climbing the summit of Kinkasan to reach the Gifu castle located at its top offers a scenic beauty of Gifu city created by the Niagara River and surrounding mountains.

The six-minute ropeway ride to Kinkasan offers a majestic, view of Mount Kinka from its top.

Along with that, the park holds Chrysanthemum flower show and the chrysanthemum doll festival conducted in the month of November which is one of the number one seasonal attractions of this park. The festival starts from October last and it will be held until November last every year. For the updated information about the Chrysanthemum doll festival(菊人形) please check the event calendar of Gifu city.

Thousands of chrysanthemum flower pots will be exhibited on the Gifu park grounds. Various chrysanthemum varieties with flowers of different colours and sizes will be exhibited in an elegant manner throughout the park, sating from the entrance. The theme of Chrysanthemum doll show of Gifu park is based on Oda Nobunaga and his soldiers. We can see the statues of Nobunaga and his soldiers adorned with chrysanthemum flowers of various varieties. Dolls made of chrysanthemum flowers will be erected behind the pond, at the entrance as well as various corners of the park. The walking trail to the castle has an entrance arch which is also designed with some of the characters of the doll show.

There will be temporary food stalls at one end of the park during this festive season. Enjoying the autumn beauty in the park along with some hot local Japanese snack from the stall is inevitable to make the trip a perfect experience.