Tajimi Monastery(多治見修道院), Gifu

The Catholic monastery of Tajimi was built in 1930 by the German missionaries. This huge monastery building has many sculptures and wall paintings depicting the scenes from Bible.

A vineyard and winery are another important attraction of this monastery. The vast vineyards will be having grapes of different varieties which can be viewed in green colour from the month of June and at the best during August-September when it ripens.

Vineyard in June
Vineyard in Sep
A log house of the monastery

There are three beautiful log houses behind the monastery building which is a place where guests can stay for meditation purposes. A barbeque spot, cemetery, gardens, long pavements and other structures are also associated with this monastery. The Barbeque spot could be used of by anyone with permission.

Sunday mass prayer is conducted on every week at 9.30am in this ancient monastery building in a calm atmosphere filled with music(English prayers on second and fourth Sundays). The souvenir shop associated with this monastery mainly sells wine made in its own winery. It is the apt souvenir that can be bought from here. The monastery grounds are also a place for enjoying an evening walk in a calm atmosphere. 

AJU WINE FESTA in November

AJU wine festival(AJUワインフェスタ, 多治見修道院) conducted in the month of November is a great chance to taste every type of wine produced here. The taste of locally made red and white wines from the winery of Catholic Monastery in Tajimi could be enjoyed at this fest. With an entry pass(3000 yen), a bottle of wine could be chosen from the many varieties available there. People from many parts of Japan came to participate in this annual event.

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