Autumn fall at Jokoji (定光寺), Seto, Aichi prefecture

Jokoji temple is located at ten minutes walking distance from the Jokoji railway station on the Chuo line. The way to Jokoji is a hiking path as the temple is located on a mountaintop. Even if you are travelling by rail or by road, the area in and around Jokoji is blessed with lush greenery and calm atmosphere. During Oct-Nov, autumn will fill spray its colours in this mountainous area. On the way from the station to Jokoji, you can see a cafe on in a woody area, in front of which is a small waterfall.

Waterfall near Jokoji
Waterfall cafe

The walking trail to the temple has some hundred steps which run in between thick woods on both sides. If you are travelling by a private vehicle, the parking area is located near the temple cemetery and surroundings where about 100 vehicles could be parked. Autumn will be really crowded in this area, as Jokoji is one among the most scenic autumn spots of Nagoya.

Entrance to Jokoji

A lot of Japanese maple trees surrounds the temple grounds which turns into red, orange, and yellow in colours by mid-November. A huge Gingko tree in front of the temple main hall also enriches the beauty. Many small and big statues of Great Budha could be seen on the temple grounds, along with a small pond with Koi fishes and a bridge over it which all are the unique features of a Buddhist temple.

Jokoji temple

There is a small park near the temple grounds which is located at an elevated open space. Lots of wooden benches are situated here. We can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding mountains and a good portion of the Nagoya city could be viewed from here.

Park near Jokoji

Jokoji park in autumn(26 Nov 2017)

During the peak time of autumn foliage, special programs are conducted here in open stages, along with small food stalls selling Japanese authentic snacks and food items. we can see a number of photographers sitting with their cameras on all nooks and corners of this temple surroundings during the autumn time.

Nagoya city and surrounding mountains from Jokoji park

This temple and park are one of the most beautiful autumn spots in Aichi prefecture. It’s a great pleasure to enjoy the autumn colours in such a  calm location along with having a hot Japanese snack or Oden served from the local stall.