Know the autumn colours around you (in Japan)?

Its mid-November, the peak time of autumn foliage in most parts of Japan. Do you know which all trees around you are creating this wonderful world of colours around you during the season. I am enthusiastic in knowing about these kinds of things. The trees and plants that make every season enjoyable in its prettiest way- the spring flowers, the autumn leaves, those trees with green leaves in winter and so on.

We can see the mountains adorned with yellow, orange and reddish tints and the trees, grass and even creepers creating a world of colours around us just before the onset of the coldest winter season of Japan. Autumn is the season for people to enjoy the autumn foliage at various sites. Autumn illumination and other festivals will be conducted in most of the parks. Let’s know what are the trees creating your autumn such a wonderful experience while in Japan.

  1. Gingko (Icho:イチョウ) : Gingko trees are the most wonderful among the autumn attractions in Japan. The leaves of this tree turn golden yellowish in colour during Oct-Nov. We can see those eye-catching yellowish tint even from a long distance.
    Gingko tree(Icho)

    More than this Gingko is the official tree of Tokyo, you can see the leaf of this tree in the symbol of Tokyo. Gingko is highly related to the culture and history of Japan. We can see this tree in most of the Japanese shrines. Rows of Gingkos adorns both sides of the roads, walkways, and gardens all around Japan.

    Gingko leaves
  2. Japanese Maple (Momijiーもみじ): Momiji, of course, plays the prominent role in the autumn foliage of Japan. Even the autumn festivals are named as Momiji matsuri. Lots of varieties of Momiji leaves could be seen in Japan, among which the five-petaled small red leaves are the common variety. These are the trees that fill red colour in autumn. The illumination events are done in places with lots of Momiji trees. These maples are Japan’s unique trees which are different in shape and size from the western maples.

    Japanese Maple(Momiji)
  3. Japanese Rowan(Nanakamadoーナナカマド): Not only the leaves of this tree turns to reddish, but also it produces bunches of red fruits at the tip if every branch which adds the autumn beauty. We can see these trees in the mountains and these are also used as a decorative plant.

  4. Acorn(Donguri-ドングリ): These trees which produce nuts in the late spring season. These turn into yellowish colour, not as bright as gingko when watched closely.

    Donguri(Acorn) nut
  5. Liriodendron(Yurinoki-ユリノキ):These trees produces beautiful yellow flowers during late spring season which resemble Tulip. Hence it is known as ‘Tulip tree’. The wide leaves of these trees will be turning into yellow in colour during the autumn season. These big trees are usually seen in gardens.
    The Tulip tree

    Yurinoki flower
  6. Metasequoia(Metasekoia-メタセコイア): These are coniferous trees which turn into yellow in colour during the autumn season. They will gradually turn into brownish yellow in colour before the leaves fall off for the winter season.

  7. Rhododendron(Doudantsutsuji-ドウダンツツジ): These are bushes with colourful flowers in white, pink and red colours in summer. Some varieties of Tsutsuji will turn red in colour which adds up the beauty of the autumn scenery.
  8. Lacquer(Urushi-ウルシ): Urushi is the trees with long leaves formed of ten or more small leaflets. It can be seen in the mountainous areas and woody areas. The leaves turn into reddish colour in autumn.
  9. Japanese wax tree(Hazenoki-ハゼノキ) : These are small trees with long leafs each containing more than 10 leaflets. The leaves of this tree turn orange and red in colours during the autumn.
  10. Trident Maple(Toukaida-トウカエデ): It is a variety of maple tree with three-lobed leaves. These are commonly known as Chona maple i
    Trident maple

Some grasses and creepers also turn reddish in colour during the autumn season.

Japanese camellia(sasanqua-サザンカ)

Not only is the trees filling your surroundings with colours, autumn is the season for some flowers to bloom. Colourful fruits of some trees will be appearing in autumn.