Autumn lightup at Tokugawa garden(徳川園), Nagoya

Tokugawa garden is situated at a 10-minute walking distance from the Ozone station, Nagoya. This garden extending over a wide area of 44 acres is one of the autumnal spots of Aichi prefecture. There is an entry pass for 300 yen. This garden is a very nice scenic spot to enjoy the spring and autumn seasons.

Crossing the entrance of the garden called as the Kuro mon, a wooden gate constructed in the Meiji era, we will be reaching the vast grounds of the Tokugawa-en. Straightly walking we could see the Tokugawa art museum, which holds the historic remains of the Owari Tokugawa family. It includes Kimonos, artworks, armors etc. On the right side is the Nagoya city Hosa Library. Near the ticketing gate of the garden, we can see a souvenir shop with various unique souvenir items.

Kuromon (The Black Gate)
Nagoya Hosa library
Tokugawa art museum
Suvenior shop

Crossing a bridge, we will be walking along the stone-paved trails in between the trees and plants. It leads towards the Ryusen lake and other main attractions of the garden.

Ryusen Lake and Kansenro

The Ryusen lake with colourful Koi fishes, rocks, trees and bridges across it altogether makes it a perfect Japanese garden. The walking trail surrounds the Ryusen lake which derives its water from underground sources, gives the opportunity to enjoy the garden the beauty from various angles. Every structure and plants along the lake are getting reflected in the clear water. Beyond the lake is a two-storied building, which creates a nice view at night when the entire garden is illuminated. A lot of Japanese maple trees and other autumn trees create a world of colours during the November. Walking trails through the garden takes us to different elevations from where we can enjoy the waterbodies and nature around it.

Koi fishes of Ryusenko

Ryumon waterfall(Ryumon no Taki) is another waterfall present in this garden. Literally translated to Dragon waterfall, the Ryumon fall is a recreation based on the legend of the Koi fish that swam up across the waterfall thus becoming a dragon.

Ryumon waterfall

The entire structure created by the rocks, streams, and waterfalls in between the trees and grasses creates a nice scenery all around the garden space. Tora no O or the Tiger’s tail river is a tiger’s tail-shaped narrow stream that ends in the Ryusenko. Ozone’s waterfall(Ozone no Taki-大曽根の滝) is a six-meter high waterfall present in this garden area. The beautifully arranged rocks increase the beauty of this three-tiered waterfall. A building with restaurant, shop and an auditorium is present in this building named Kansenro. This building increases the beauty of the entire garden as it is situated on the banks of the Lake.

Tora no O
Ozone no taki

Usually, the garden is opened from 9 am to 5.30 pm except during special events. The garden is closed on Mondays.

Autumn foliage at Tokugawaen

Autumn light up

There will be autumn light up event conducted in this garden during the peak time of the autumn foliage. It usually falls during the mid-November. The light up will be done on Friday and weekends only which starts at 4,30pm. During this time, the garden will be opened until 8.30pm.

Autumn lightup at Tokugawaen
Autumn light-up along the walking trails

The autumn foliage, the bridges, and other structures around the Ryusen-ko will get reflected in the lake which is a breathtaking view of autumn. The two storied building across the Ryusenko lake will be reflected in the water which is the best among the views of this time.

Spring flowers

Spring is another best time to visit this place. From mid to late April, more than thousands of peonies in various colours will be blooming all around the garden. During the May-June time, Irises could be viewed at Tokugawaen, which is also present in large numbers(around 1700).

Monthly events like moon viewing are also conducted here. For more details, please check this page.