JLPT N3: Materials and methods I used

For JLPT N3, I took three months for completing the grammar lessons and Kanji learning. Then I spend two weeks reading the comprehension type questions and listening practice. After that, I tried solving the practice workbooks Gokaku Dekiru, The official workbook by JLPT board and JLPT Mock test(Nihongo nōryokushiken Moshi to Taisaku). Along with that, I revised my grammar lessons and Kanji at least once in every week. Of course, it was difficult to complete all the mock test samples in every sites and book in this limited time period, I tried to do as much as I can partially from various sources.

Here is the list of books and websites which helped me for my JLPT N3 examination.

Textbooks for JLPT N3

Even though I was taught at the volunteer Japanese class using the Minna no Nihongo Chukyuu series, personally, I like the Nihongo sou Matome series of books which I used for JLPT N3 preparation.

I. Minna no Nihongo Chukyu: Used at Japanese volunteer class. This series has two main books and auxiliary books for each.

  1. MINNA NO NIHONGO Chukyuu I Honsatsu
  2. MINNA NO NIHONGO Chukyuu II Honsatsu
  3. MINNA NO NIHONGO Chukyuu I Mondaishuu
  4. MINNA NO NIHONGO Chukyuu II Mondaishuu

II. Nihongo Sou Matome: This series of four books were used for my self-study. The grammar and Kanji books were very helpful. Read through the vocabulary lessons 2-3 times and did the Reading and listening practice books.

  1. Grammar(Bunpo-文法)
  2. Kanji(漢字)
  3. Vocabulary(Goi-語彙)
  4. Reading(Dokkai-読解)
  5. Listening Comprehension(Choukai-聴解)

III. JLPT N3 official practice workbook

IV. JLPT Mocktest(日本語能力試験N3模試と対策Vol 1)

V.JLPT Mocktest(日本語能力試験N3模試と対策 Vol 2)

For mock tests and sample questions, relying on a single book or a website may not work. Some practice workbooks have a very difficult range of questions, which may lose your confidence than helping you prepare for the exam. So if you find it too difficult to cover the questions in a specific book, compare it with the portion you have learned from the textbooks for each part and the sample questions in the official workbook. If you feel like it is too far beyond the actual N3 level, try questions from another book. Make sure to practice the listening part of every book or questions that you can collect. A lot of listening questions from the previous JLPT are available on YOUTUBE.

I found ‘JLPT Mocktest Vol 1 and 2’ very useful. These are some other practice books available for N3 which I just tried only some questions. And these three books I didn’t buy, as I lend it from my Japanese class for some days. And of course, I did the Choukai(Listening) part of all books.


VII. Pattern Betsu JLPT N3(パターン別徹底ドリル 日本語能力試験N3)

VII. Kanzen Moushi series(日本語能力試験 完全模試N3 (日本語能力試験完全模試シリーズ))

For learning, ShinKanzen Master series is also very helpful. It also has grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, and listening booklets.

This time also, jtest4u site helped me in learning grammar portion. Another online material that helped me for JLPT n3 preparation is the video lessons by Nihongonomori.

Expect a step ahead for original JLPT N3

Even though you practice a lot, always expect much more in the original exam. There will be more Kanji and Goi than those covered in the books. Also, the listening questions will be speedier than in the mock tests and practice workbooks. Grammar portion can be scored the most if you cover the textbooks thoroughly. Reading comprehension is also crackable, where the learned Vocabulary and Grammar help you pick up the right answer.

Read about the details about the test sections and time for each section on the JLPT site before going for the exam.