Gifu Daibutsu( Great Budha of Gifu) at Shohoji temple, Gifu

The Shouhoji Buddhist temple is situated at 3 minutes walking distance from the Gifu Park. It is a very calm temple ground with an old temple building which houses the Great Budha statue of Gifu. This 44 feet(13.63 meters) Budha is built out of Ginko trees and bamboos in 1828 a covered with clay and polished with gold leaves. This Great Budha is also known as ‘Basket Budha’ due to its basket-like internal structure constructed using Bamboo. There are hundreds of small statues of disciples of Lord Budha surrounding the inner walls of temple main hall.

Even though the temple is situated right outside the Gifu Park where located the Gifu castle and others attractions, this temple is not often visited by the tourists.

Having an entry pass of 200 yen, we can get inside the temple main hall. A beautiful Japanese style garden is also situated in the temple grounds. This great Budha statue has survived huge earthquakes and World war II both of which destroyed most parts of the city.