JLPT N4: Materials and methods I used

Beginner: JLPT N4

For JLPT N4, I used the same series of books for Beginner level. Like the first series, this level also has 2 books and CDs for Minna no Nihongo and 3 books and a set of CDs for Shin Nihongo no Kiso.

I. Minna no Nihongo Shokyuu II

  1. MINNA NO NIHONGO II Main book
  2. MINNA NO NIHONGO II Translation and grammatical notes

II. Shin Nihongo no Kiso II

  2. SHIN NIHONGO NO KISO II- English translation
  3. SHIN NIHONGO NO KISO II- Grammar notes in English

III. Nihongo Challenge

  1. Grammar and reading practice
  2. Kanji : This is the same book for N5, which contains Kanji for N4 too.

I used these textbooks for learning LPT N4 level. After completing all these books, I searched for previous JLPT questions. Like N5, I got only one set of new JLPT questions which is here. Then, I did the Official practice Workbook for  JLPT N4. The same is available as a book on JLPT website, Amazon etc. I was able to find some old JLPT question papers online, which I couldn’t find now. I solved this book with sample questions- Gokaku Dekiru N4.5.

These are some websites which helped me to practice for the JLPT N4 exams:


The jtest4you website has grammar lessons and sample questions which are useful for every JLPT levels. Nihongo-pro and Nihongoden have many sample questions for every JLPT exams.

N4 can be passed if you learn these books completely. There is a chance that one or two questions in each section may be beyond your study materials. But still, you can crack the exam with good score.

Don’t forget to read about the details about the test sections and time for each section on the JLPT site before going for the exam.