Blueberry picking at Tajimi(ブルーベリー狩り、多治見) : Summer enjoyment

August 14, 2017: Today we went to blueberry picking at Tsuzuhara “Eenoo” today. They start blueberry picking in July. No prior booking is needed for blueberry picking. There will be strawberry picking during March-April. It is difficult to get the entry unless booked at least before a week.  For the current information, please check their homepage.

The farm is located near the Kokokei station of Tajimi. We went there by car. They have vast fields with blueberry, vegetable, and paddy cultivation. Once we reached there, we took the ticket for blueberry picking which costs 700 yen for adults and  500 for children. We each were given a small bucket and allocated with A part of the field. There were some 20 other people with us this morning. The portion allocated for us was the vast among their blueberry cultivation. We went on picking and eating fresh berries. Some were very sweet while some were not. At the end of the A part, we found some plants with very small blueberries which were the sweetest among the all.

Blueberry field allocated for us
Ameya picking blueberry

The scenery around us was very beautiful. The blueberry field was located on a mountain top. Down were the beautiful paddy fields like a green carpet surrounded by mountains with pine forests. There was no time limit set for picking the blueberries. So after picking the berries, we got enough time to enjoy the beauty of the nature surrounding us. Situated in a calm area, this place is a very nice site to enjoy the summer days along with tasting the blueberries.

In the buckets given to us, we can pick enough berries. If we want to take it home, we can buy it for 200yen per 100 grams. We bought a bucketful of berry that we have picked from there.

Blueberry that we bought

Near the reception, we can find honey from various plants. As we talked with the person at the reception counter, they told that every bottle of honey is from Seto city (city next to Tajimi). The price of the honey differs depending on the type of flower from which the bees collected it. There were jars of honey from Sakura(cherry), Accasia, Soyogo and so on.

Honey for sale
Vegeables and fruits for sale

They have some locally produced vegetables and fruits for sale at the reception desk. We bought some among them and returned with blueberries on our taste buds.