Summer tastes of Japan

Like any other seasons, summer will open a set of foods in the menus. As summer in Japan is hottest, the seasonal foods aim at alleviating the health issues and calm down your body. They range from drinks to meal.

  1. Unagi: Unagi is the freshwater eel. Summer is the peak time of selling Unagi recipes at the restaurants and other shops. Unagi rice, Unadon, Kabayaki etc. are some varieties of Unagi dishes available in prominent Unagi restaurants of Japan. The cooked eel will be coated with sweetish sauce and served over rice(Unagi rice) or Udon noodles(Unadon). There are yet another dishes available during the season. It is believed that eating Unagi in the sweltering summer will provide you health benefits. Even though Unagi is consumed by the Japanese society in all year round, Summer increases the demand.
  2. Warabi mochi: Warabi mochi is a summer snack that we could find in any supermarket. They are even sold in small trucks. This snack is made from the Warabi(Bracken) root powder and served with Kinako(sweetened Soybean powder) or sugar syrup. Warabi is very rare and it is costly. So sometimes, warabi mochi is prepared from corn starch or potato starch. Warabimochi sold at supermarkets are cheaper and they are available in various colours too. Transparent ones and green ones are commonly found. Some Japanese restaurants have with Warabi mochi int their summer desserts menu. Usually, they will be served with sugar syrup and are tastier than the other.

  3. Somen noodles: Somen noodles are dried wheat noodles served in ice water. Nothing will soothe your body in summer than this. These noodles are cooked in boiling water, washed with cold water and then served in ice water. Simply, it can be eaten after dipping in diluted Tsuyu(special sauce for Somen noodles).
    Somen noodles

    They are served in two different forms. HiyashiSomen is the way of serving the noodles in ice water while Nagashi somen is served floating through bamboo water paths. The latter one is done by groups of people as part of enjoyments along with the meal. Cooked Somen noodles will be drifting through the bamboo paths along with cold water and the participants will take away the flowing noodles with chopsticks. Then dip it in the sauce and eat it soon. In restaurants, the noodles will be served with green onion or Wasabi.’Ibo no ito’ is one of the famous brands of Somen noodles available in markets.

    Hiyashi Somen
  4. Kakigori: These are shaved ice served with different toppings. Kakigori will be available in almost all the supermarkets, restaurants and convenience stores of Japan in summer. the colorful Kakigori is really refreshing to mind and body on a hot day. There will be Kakigori stalls springing up during the Summer festivals. It is a favourite to children as well as to most elders.They are available in various flavours. See how the colourful Kakigori vending stalls look like.
  5. Hiyashi Chuka: This is a commonly available item in most of the Japanese supermarkets with the onset of Summer. It will be a set of cold noodles, meat, and vegetables.
  6. Ramune: Ramune is a carbonated soft drink available in Japan. It is famous for the shape of the bottle with a marble ball. They are available in many flavours like Strawberry, melon, cherry etc. But the original Ramune coming in glass bottles have a lemon flavour. The colourful Ramune bottles are really attractive. Cool Ramune is a highly preferred drink in sweltering Japanese summer.