Enjoy your summer season in Japan

Summer in Japan is hottest with a maximum temperature of 39° C in some places. Rather than the hotness, it is really humid. Will feel like staying inside during the daytime in summer. But, so many enjoyments are waiting for you outside.

  1.  Summer festivals and fireworks: Summer is the festive season of Japan. Almost all the cities and localities conduct summer festivals and fireworks. Obon is a Japanese festival which falls in the month of August. Japanese community honour their ancestors and pray for their souls during this festival. Enjoying the dance programs(Bon Odori) and fireworks during this time is a must do when you are in Japan.

    Mizunami summer festival, 2017
  2. Taste the seasonal foods: Japan will treat you with various cuisines in every season. And summer is not an exception. Try the street foods from the summer festival venues. To make yourselves cool, try Kakigori (flavored ice shavings), ice creams of various flavors and so on.  And the most important among the summer foods is the Soumen noodles which are thin white noodles served cool. It is the best for cooling your body in this hot summer weather. Unagi is another option for summer. Read more on summer foods of Japan.
  3. Beaches, Fishing, rafting and more: Of course, summer is the time for enjoying on the seaside. For some beautiful beach resorts of Japan, you can opt a trip to Okinawa. Fishing is a nice and somewhat common idea that you can try in summer. Enjoy angling in the sea, over mountains or in some river. Rafting is quite an interesting experience to enjoy in Summer. Rafting tours are available in some parts of Japan(eg. Minakami).
  4. Indoor activities: Staying inside during the daytime without getting exposed to the hot weather could be accompanied by some enjoyments. Visiting an aquarium, Museums, or similar places is a good idea to have enjoyments even in summer. Bowling or other indoor games are yet another good addition to enjoy the days.