Some Mimetic Japanese Words

There are a lot of mimetic words in Japanese. These words sound interesting and have strong meanings when used in sentences. This is a small list of such words. Will keep on adding more words.

Words Meaning
だんだん gradually
どんどん rapidly
次々(つぎつぎ) one by one
様々(さまざま) various
色々(いろいろ) various
諸々(もろもろ) all things (various)
ぺらぺら fluent
ぺこぺこ being very hungry
ふわふわ fluffy
ばらばら scattered
 等等(とうとう)  calm/vast
 等々(とうとう)  finally
 からから  parched/dried up
 ふらふら  dizzy/ unsteady(on one’s feet)
 がらがら  vacant/clattering
 ぷにぷに  squishy/inexact
 はらはら  thrilling
 度々(たびたび)  often/again and again
 しばしば  often/again and again
 しばしば(する)  blinking repeatedly
ひそひそ whisperingly
びくびく(する) being afraid of
うずうず(する) eager/ impatient(to do smt)
いそいそ cheerfully
くすくす giggle
こちこち・かちかち nervous