Fuji Shibasakura Festival, Yamanashi prefecture

Shiba Sakura(Moss phlox) are small flowers with five petals that look similar to the Cherry blossoms(Sakura). They bloom from April to May, just after the Cherry blossom season. The blooming time varies at different places which depend on the climate and temperature conditions. These flowers which appear on small bushes have white, pink and dark pink colours. There are many spots in Japan where Sakurasakura are grown in large numbers among which Fuji Motosuko Resort is a famous one. It is situated in Yamanashi prefecture. The Shibasakura festival is held from mid-April to May and the exact dates depend on the blooming conditions of the Shiba sakura flowers.For updated information, you can check the details on their official website.

We went there on 28th April 2017. As it was slightly cool, the flowers were not bloomed in full. But still, along with Shibasakura, the park has many other seasonal flowers forming colourful beds on its vast grounds.

The park was really crowded. Pink and white Shiba Sakura filled the park grounds like a carpet. Some parts of the park had fully bloomed plants while at some other parts there were only tiny flower buds. The view of Mount Fuji behind the pink fields and green woods is a spectacular sight. There is a foot bath named ‘Panorama footbath’ from where we can enjoy the breathtaking scenery created by the flowers, the dark green woods, and Mt. Fuji while relaxing. An observation platform is raised near to the foot bath, which gives a complete view of the park and the surroundings from a height. A miniature replica of Mount Fuji decorated with Shiba Sakura plants of various colours was found in the park.

The snow covered cap of Mount Fuji could be seen well in clear weather conditions only. The magnificent view created by the pink surroundings will be enjoyed at its peak only if Mt. Fuji shows its head up in the background. So please don’t forget to check the weather forecast before travelling tot he place.


A food festival named ‘Mt. Fuji Delicious food festival’ was also conducted near the park grounds. Special souvenir items were sold in the food festival. As its name, they serve delicious food items of Fuji area. A sweet shop named Fujiyama Sweets with some other food stalls and souvenir shops aside it was there. There is a pond near the entrance of the park which lies in between the flower carpet.