Five common talks about India by Japanese eldest

I won’t miss a chance to talk with the local people around me in Japan. Most of the people who loves to talk with me are the old generation of Japan. They used to watch TV programs and most of them still keep some years-old views. Some of them talk about India while some others want me to tell my views about Japan. These are some of the frequent doubts and views that 90% of them ask me about India.

1. Curry is what Indians eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Talking about India, the first and foremost thing that every Japanese knew is the curry. All the Indian restaurants in Japan have Naan and curry in their menus. It again fixed the Japanese belief that curry is the one and only inevitable food item in India. Some people who have connections with India knew other food items there. But the number of those people are really less.
Whomever I have talked with in my place, the countryside city of Tajimi, believe that Indian food is all about curry. I have tried to change their concept talking about various other food items we are consuming in our daily diet.

But once I asked myself and thought about our daily diet from breakfast to dinner, I concluded that what these people are thinking about Indian food is somewhat the same. We have at least one type of curry in our diet from the morning to evening, along with some other items(talking about traditional Indian meals).
2. Indians are good in Mathematics and they byheart the multiplication table up to 19.
And this is one of the great funs I am hearing in Japan. Japanese people used to ask me whether it is true that Indians know the multiplication table up to 19. I was wondering when I got this question for the first time. I have learned multiplication table up to 12 in my school. But I came across the same questions so many times until now from various people. Of course, India has lots of brilliant personalities and mathematicians who can do calculations within no time. Anyway, it’s cool when every Indian is reckoned like this.
3. Taj Mahal, the world wonder
Taj Mahal is the one and only famous world wonders in India which everyone in the world wishes to see at least once in their life. I went to Agra for the first time in 2017 September only. Most of the Japanese people used to ask about Taj Mahal. I have been telling them that it is too far from my place and it takes roughly 4 hours to reach there by flight. Most of them sigh for that. They may be thinking very pitiful about us for not seeing the world wonder within my nation.

They are actually comparing the condition in Japan. Japan is comparatively a small nation and as a developed nation the transportation and other facilities are far better than in India. They can travel anywhere within Japan within 1 or 2 hours even by train(Shinkansen). The condition in our nation is completely different. Even though the number of Indians traveling across the country has increased recently, there is a huge population who can’t even think about such trips at least within some 100kms in their vicinity.
Anyway, their questions made me fulfill my wish to visit Agra in 2017. Now, at least I can reply them “Yes, I have been there. It is fantastic” instead of explaining the excuses or the actual situation in our nation which they can’t even imagine.
4. Those  trains packed with people even on its roof  

This is a very common view about India, especially in between the old generation of Japan. Most of them used to talk about the packed-up trains and trains with passengers traveling on the train’s roof. I have not seen such a sight in my life in South India. I am not sure if it is a common sight in other parts of our nation. Some Japanese TV programs have covered such sights from India which lead to this overall anticipation.
5. Streets where cows roam around. 
This is also an impression about India created by the TV programs. And it is true and I could talk a lot about it.  “Yeah. Our streets have freely-roaming cows. They are worshipped as gods” etc. I have experienced it in North India which was a surprise for me too (as we couldn’t see it in Kerala).

Thanks to all who talks with me about my nation. They have encouraged me to know more about my own nation. By now, I could understand that what I am seeing around me in my country is nothing and there are lot more to explore and understand.