Japan street food, Festive foods…

Takoyaki (たこ焼き / 蛸焼): Takoyaki is a Japanese snack which has Octopus pieces inside it. Made out of wheat flour, these are ball shaped tasty snacks that can be consumed hot. Even though, it could be found everywhere in Japan, Osaka is famous for Takoyaki.

Takoyaki (たこ焼き / 蛸焼)

Yakisoba(焼きそば): Yakisoba is a stirred noodles recipe.  A special sauce is used for making this easy recipe, which contains meat and vegetables as well.This is available in most Japanese restaurants, but the local taste of Yakisoba could be felt at the festive streets or some seasonal event venues.

Yakisoba (焼きそば)

Goheimochi (五平餅): Goheimochi is the grilled white rice cake coated with sweet sauce on a skewer. Nagano and nearby regions are famous for this snack recipe. It could be found in every festive street of Japan.

Goheimochi (五平餅)

Choco Banana: Banana coated with colorful chocolate is a great sight of the festive streets of Japan. Pink coloured strawberry chocolate and brown coloured chocolate coated bananas on a skewer are the favourite of kids and youngsters.

Choco Banana

Apple Candies(Ringo Ame): Red and Green coloured apple candies on a stick could be found in streets of Japan. Dipped in sugar syrup, these are another favourite snack for kids.

Spiral potato chips on a stick: These beautiful potato chips in the shape of a spiral is another wonderful sight of the festive streets in Japan.

Yakitori(焼き鳥): Yakitori is the grilled skewered chicken flavoured with special soy sauce.



Okonomiyaki(お好み焼き): Okonomiyaki is a pancake type of Japanese dish with various ingredients including veggies and meat. Ingredients vary for regions and shops. Osaka and Hiroshima are famous for Okonomiyaki.

OkonomiyakiI (お好み焼き)

Ikayaki (いか焼き): Itayaki is grilled squid with soysauce toppings. It is a kind of Japanese fast foods found in small stalls and festive places.

Ikayaki (いか焼き)

Shioyaki(塩焼き): Shioyaki is salt-grilled meat or fish. It is a traditional cooking style of Japan to grill salted meat and fish. It could be seen in some of the streets of Japan.

Shioyaki(Baked fish)

Karaage(から揚げ):Usually made with chicken breast, Karage are a common food item of Japanese houses and restaurants. It could be seen anywhere in Japan and is served as a snack in small street stalls too.

Chicken karaage (から揚げ)