Korankei(香嵐渓), Nagoya, Aichi

Taigetsukyo bridge
Kojakuji temple

Korankei is situated in Asuke-cho of Toyota city in Aichi prefecture. It is one of the most famous autumn foliage locations of Aichi prefecture. The autumn foliage festival known as Momiji matsuri is held here during October-November. Mid-November is the best time to visit the area for foliage festival. There is an ancient Buddhist temple named Kojakuji situated at the top of the Mount Iimori. The priest of this temple took efforts and encourage the people here to plant maple trees all along the valley of Mount Iimori which creates the autumn beauty for today’s generation. The entire mountain will be filled in reddish and yellowish tints during the autumn season. Thousands of visitors flow into the region during this time.

Stores along the way to Korankei

There will be many small stores opened along both sides of the narrow streets towards the mountain. The colourful mountain and its reflection in Tomoegawa river is a spectacular sight as we approach the area. The vermillion painted bridge called Taigetsukyo over the Tomoe river offers a picturesque during the season. Crossing the bridge, we can walk towards the top of the mountain through small pathways under the shades of maple trees. At the other side of the river, we can see some small streams of waterfalls. Visitors can enjoy the valley sitting on the rocks of the Tomoe river. From there, we can see the heavy flow of visitors crossing the bridge.

A stall along the valley selling Inoshishi(Boar) hotdog

Walking through the small pathways, we can find some snacks at the small stalls on the way. A stage raised at the open area of the valley has some programs conducted on weekends and holidays during autumn festival. Near the place, there is a Meiji era model farmer’s house with houses and small industries like hand looming, papermaking etc. preserved within it. This village named as Sanshu Azuke Yashiki is a preservation of old era of Japan. With a small entrance fee of 300 yen, visitors can walk through the village. Visitors are also given chances to take part in making some handicrafts inside the Azuke village.

Entrance to Sanshu Asuke Yashiki
An artist making sketch of the vally sights

The roads of this valley are made in a less steep manner so that climbing the mountain doesn’t feel like a tedious task. We can see artists making sketches of the autumn beauty of Korankei at some parts of the valley. And of course, many professional photographers too. To quickly access the temple, stairs are also present here. The temple area and its surroundings are very calm. The nearby building has a big statue of Buddhist gods.


There are rest places at various parts of the valley. These rest houses are built in such a way that they offer some most beautiful views of the valley. From 5 pm onwards, the entire valley will be illuminated. Since the place is situated in a woody mountain area, it is too cold during the month of November. We can see many people coming for watching the evening illuminations. A lot of bus tours are also conducted to this place during the Momiji festival.

Mount Iimori(late Nov)

Official Website : http://www.hyakunensou.co.jp/yashiki/