Japan Monkey Park(日本モンキーパーク), Inuyama, Aichi

Japan Monkey park constitutes a theme park and a primate zoo. The theme park has a lot of rides which children as well as, adults can enjoy. Merry-go-round, Roller coaster, Ghost train, giant Ferris wheel etc. There are swimming pools and water rides which will be opened during the summer season. The entrance fee for the theme park and the zoo could be either taken as a single one or it is available separately. The theme park entry costs 1100 yen for adults and 600 yen for children. There are ticket vending machines kept at the entrance of the park.

Big loop inside the Monkey centre

The zoo is called Japan Monkey Centre and is home for about one thousand primates of various species. It was founded in 1956 for research and conservation of primates. Various species of nonhuman primates from Asia, Africa and America are kept inside separate houses of the vast zoo. The entrance fee costs 600 yen for adults. There is a gate connecting the Japan Monkey park(theme park) and the zoo. The main gate of the zoo is also situated nearby this. In between the two entrances, there is a food court and a small cafe.

A rest station at the zoo

Also, two gibbon houses are situated in between them. We can see monkey statues and monkey- themed structures all around the park. Near the main entrance, there is a kid’s zoo where goats, Guinea pigs etc. are kept. With an extra ticket worth 200 yen, kids can pet these animals. Opposite to the kid’s zoo is an open area for Bolivian squirrel monkeys. We can also see some small monkey species like spider monkeys playing around the area. A big loop and a dome named as Eco-dome could also be seen around this place. Near the dome, a lot of small statues of monkeys are arranged in a small lawn.

Eco-dome, Japan Monkey centre
Visitor centre museum

Visitors can enter the Bolivian money area which is surrounded by a narrow moat around it. The cute squirrel monkeys jump near and over our head unexpectedly. This area is a small forest with thick woods for the monkeys to enjoy their natural habitat. There will be some events held in various parts of the zoo at pre-decided times. The staffs supply food for monkeys and explain the visitors about the peculiarity of some monkey species. Most of the monkey houses will be closed for the visitors from 12 pm to 1 pm.

Opposite to the Bolivian island gate is the Monkey valley where monkeys will be fed at specific times. From 11.30 am to 2 pm, there is an event in which the staff make a campfire model fire with wooden logs and put some edibles like sweet potatoes inside it. Monkeys will come and take them from the fire. Those who win grasping from the fire can eat as much as they want. It’s interesting watching the monkey fights and their dare movements.

Monkey valley
Inside monkey valley

Walking ahead is the ‘Castle of Baboons’ which is situated on a small hill. We can see them from the bottom glass walls or from the top. Visitors can feed the monkeys with nuts that can be bought for 100 yen per glass. It is kept in a small hut near the Baboon bouse.

Babboon house

There is a visitor centre which is behind the statue kept at the main entrance of the zoo. The visitor centre has a stall for souvenirs and a monkey museum. In the museum, we could see the life-like statues of almost all monkey species. Many photographs are also displayed there.

Ring tailed Lemur

Walking ahead, there are Madagascar house, Asian house, African house and South American house each of which kept lots of varieties of monkeys from various parts of the world. Another open area of the zoo called the Wao land is also situated in between these. It is the area of ring-tailed lemurs. Visitors can enter inside it and we can enjoy the activities of the lemur standing in between them. There are lemur kids who are resting on their mather’s back. Most of them move near to the visitors. They seem harmless to the visitors. There are staffs inside this area for looking over the visitor activities.

Another area is the house for nocturnal monkeys where we can find huge chimpanzees and some gorillas inside glass houses. This primate house is almost dark with a few lightings. Rest areas are available at various part of the zoo.

official website

monkey centre http://www.j-monkey.jp/

monkey park :  http://www.japan-monkeypark.jp/