Daihonsan Naritasan Temple, Inuyama

The Naritasan temple of Inuyama is a branch of the original Naritasan temple situated at Narita, Tokyo. This temple is also built in the model of the Narita’s temple. The temple is located at the top of a mountain. From the parking area situated at the front gate of the temple, visitors have to climb more than one hundred steps to reach the temple main building. The Naritasan temple is located along the coast of Kiso river. While climbing the stairs, there are small temple buildings and Buddha statues located at various places. The huge entrance gate of the temple is the first and one of the most important attractions of the place.

Naritasan temple entrance gate, Inuyama

During the New Year season, visitors rush to the temple which is one of the most important occasions that the Naritasan will be crowded with people. The temple main hall is located at the topmost part of the mountain which gives some scenic views of the Inuyama city.

Steps connecting the entrance to the temple main hall, During New Year
Temple Main Hall

From the platform around the main hall of the temple, we can see the surrounding areas including the Inuyama castle located in one of the nearby mountains. Also, we can see the Kiso river and some of the skyscrapers of Nagoya city. The temple main hall which was built in October 1953 is dedicated to Buddhist god, Fudo-Myo-O. Near the main hall, we can see Ema stands for hanging the wooden plates written with prayers to God. Stalls selling Incense sticks, candles, Omikuji (fortune tellers), Omamori(protector amulets) and other items like souvenirs could also be seen aside. Behind the temple main hall, we can see one of the Japan’s largest Budha statues. The statue is named as Shinsei Daibutsu which was erupted in 1955.

Shinsei Daibutsu, Naritasan, Inuyama
View from the main hall surroundings of Naritasan

The gates, halls and almost all other structures of the temple are painted in attractive vermillion colour. Near the main hall, we can see the temple bell tower which is situated on another raised platform near the main hall platform. There is a building named Daishi-do which is dedicated to three head priests. There is another vermillion painted beautiful structure called Seiran-Do which is built in 1993 to keep a Buddha statue dedicated by Sri Lankan president Ranasinghe Premadase.

the five Vidyarajas and Seiran-do

Along the valley near the Seiran-Do, we can see statues of five different forms of Buddha named the five Vidyarajas. The statues are kept in open-air on the valley in between a garden with some bushes and a stream of water with Koi fishes in it.

Official Website : http://www.inuyama-naritasan.or.jp/