Shiominomori (潮見の森)park, Tajimi

Shiominomori, Tajimi

Shiominomori is a mountain park situated in Kasahara, Tajimi city of Gifu prefecture. It is on the top of a mountain with spacious grounds. The woody mountain preserves many tree varieties and there is a herbal medicine garden near the park. We can see the names of the trees written and hung on them. The vast grounds of this park has a barbeque spot and the mountain park is an apt location for picnicking and playing. A lot of play stuff for children are arranged on the lawn of this park. Upon entering the park area, we can see a nice arrangement with wooden turbines and flowing water. There are some Carp fishes swimming in this water.

People looking through the telescopes of observation deck

The most important attraction of this park is an observation deck situated at the top of the mountain. From the top of this wooden deck, we can see Tajimi, Toki as well as Nagoya cities through the telescopes placed at three sides. It can be used free of cost. The Alps ranges and other mountains like Ontake could be also seen. The details of the views that we get from various directions are written on boards placed there.

View from the platform

Shiominomori is a cherry blossom and foliage viewing location too. From the top of the mountain, the spring and autumn beauty of the surrounding valleys and the mountains could be enjoyed at its most. An athletic trail of 140 meters is also present here. The park will be opened till 5 pm everyday after which the entrance at the foot of the mountain will be closed. The only way to access here is using private transportation. The steep road to the top of the mountain is narrow at some places. It takes about 22 minutes to reach the top from the entrance gate at the foot.

At the lawns of the park