Mosaic Tile museum, Kasahara, Tajimi

Mosaic Tile museum(モザイクタイルミュージアム)

The mosaic tile museum of Kasahara, Tajimi city is opened in 2016 June. It is situated near the Kasahara Gymnasium. During the ancient times, mosaic tiles were used widely for decorative purposes. The museum is opened to enrich the use of mosaic tiles by encouraging people. The architectural appearance of the museum building is unique. With a vast lawn with an inclination,  there is a small walking trail to access the gate of the museum. The building has a special structure with some small plants grown at its roof. This amazing architecture was done by Mr. Fumihiro Fujimori, a famous Japanese architect. As seen from outside, the inner portion of this four-storeyed building also has an old style muddy building architecture. The walls, floors and roofs of the building is built in such a way that it seems like sand polished. Most parts of the building stairs are kept exposed to natural light. Walking through the stairs, we can feel a habitat made of natural elements. There are elevator services also.

A kitchen sink

The entry fee is 300 yen for adults. Each floor has different exhibits arranged in a neat manner. The first floor of t he building exhibits some items which were used during the ancient eras. It includes stoves, bathtubs, pots as well as some toilets of ancient Japan. All of the displayed items are decorated with small tiles of various colours and shapes.

The second floor has some varieties of tiles displayed there. Various colours and shapes are available. The price of some is written aside them. All the tiles are arranged in an artistic way. Some lamps and other decorative items are displayed in one floor of the building. Beautiful Neon lamps decorated with tiles are lighted up at one side. One part of this floor has huge screens that display the manufacturing processes of tile. Machines used for the process are also displayed there. The description is also available in Japanese. There are some guides standing in every floor for explaining the items to visitors.

Displayed tile varieties

Most portion of the upper floor is having open-air exhibitions. We can see various pictures made out of small tile pieces. The arts created by arranging colourful tile pieces looks like beautiful paintings. The open part of this area has a conical structure made out of hung chains with tile pieces. We can see tile arts of Koi fishes, cranes, Hiroshima etc. There is also some stoves, Japanese toilets etc. displayed here.

Tile arts on the upper floor
Stall of tile pieces

At the bottom floor, near the reception desk, there is a small stall selling tiles. Small tiles of desired shapes and colours could be selected by ourselves. Paper glasses are kept there for buying the tiles. For a glass-full of tiles, it costs only 500 yen. Interested people can participate in tile art making sessions conducted there. With a small fee, visitors can participate in it. The stall also sells some accessories like tile decorated ear studs. We can see a car decorated with colourful tile pieces at one corner of this floor.

Car decorated with tiles near the reception desk

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