Ueno Park(上野公園), Tokyo

Ueno Park is a very spacious public park situated near the Ueno station. The park consists of many attractions like temples, museums, garden, a zoo etc. After entering the park and walking ahead, we can see many flowering plants under the shade of on both sides. Ueno Park is actually the part of Kaneiji temple.

  1. Statue of Prince Komatsu Akihito: A statue of Prince Komatsunomiya Akihito could be seen as we walk inside the park. He is the founder of Japanese red cross society. The statue of Prince riding a horse with its details inscribed in front of it is one of the main attraction in this park. 
  2. Kiyomizu Kannon temple: Kiyomizu Kannon temple is dedicated to the Japanese god of Mercy, Lord Kannon. The temple is built in the structure of Kyoto’s Kiyumizudera temple. There is an attractively shaped pine tree located near the temple. It is known as ‘Tsuki no Matsu’ or ‘Moon pine’. From the wooden platform of the temple, we will get a nice view of Betendou and surrounding areas situated at the other side of the road passing through the park.
  3. Kaneiji temple: The temple building is all destroyed during the war and a small temple hall could be seen here. The five-storeyed pagoda which was part of the ancient temple could be seen at a distance in the Ueno park ground itself. After the destruction of the temple, a park was built around the area and opened to the public. We could see some remainings of the previous temples scattered around the park premises.
  4. Hanazono Inari Jinja: While walking forward through the park area, we can see the vermillion painted Torii gates of the Inari shrine. There are a number of vermillion coloured parallel gates that leads to the shrine situated in the park. The small shrine building and its surroundings have many fox statues.
  5. Ueno Daibutsu: Ueno Daibutsu is one of the famous Buddha statues of Japan. It was a great structure in the past and the statue was destructed in some earthquake. After that, the copper metal with which the statue was built was used for making weapons for world war. Currently, we could see only the head portion of the great Budha situated on a small hill of the Ueno park grounds.
  6. Betendou: This temple is dedicated to God Beten, who is the Budhist lord of knowledge and music. Betendou is a temple with an Octagonal structure situated at the southern part of the park.

    There is a big pond named Shinobazu pond around the temple area.Some part of the pond is covered with lotus plants. There are pedal boats and other small boats available for visitors in the pond. Walkways along the banks of the river are a nice jogging trail too. We can see the huge buildings around Ueno park on the other side of the pond.

    Shinobazu pond
  7. Toshogu shrine: Toshogu shrine is dedicated to Tokugawa Ieyasu who is the founder of  Tokugawa Shogunate. The gorgeous shrine building in with golden coloured walls and wooden carvings on its walls is known as the Golden Shrine. There is a peony garden in the shrine grounds. The peony flower festival conducted during winter is a famous event here.
  8. Museums: There are many museums situated inside the Ueno park area. The four important museums here are:
    1. Tokyo National Museum.
    2. National Science Museum
    3. National Museum of Western Art
    4. Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum