Konan Wisteria festival(江南藤まつり), Mandaraji park(曼陀羅寺公園), Aichi

Wisteria is the flower of May which fills the view spots with lots of visitors. When the entire Japanese society is taking a week of holidays known as the Golden Week, it is a golden chance to visit Wisteria Flower Parks. In the Aichi prefecture, Mandaraji temple of Konan is one among the most beautiful location to enjoy the hanging Wisteria of different varieties.

Wisteria festival at Konan park is conducted during April- May. During this time, the park around Mandaraji temple will be crowded with visitors. There will be free shuttle bus services available for visitors from the Konan park to the Mandaraji Wisteria spot. It takes about 7 minutes to reach there(by bus). The fragrance and beauty of the wisteria flowers welcome us from the entrance of the park itself. There are small stalls at the entrance of the park with a variety of items ranging from flowering plants, mainly potted Wisteria plants to eatables.

Purple Wisteria(Konan park)
Purple Wisteria(Konan park)
White wisteria

The wide park has four different Wisteria varieties. Pink, purple and white wisteria flower canopy creates a great feeling while walking through the pavements. Special dance and musical performances are also held on stages raised during the season.

Stalls at the entrance of the park

The white canopy of Wisteria is the most attractive area as the white colour gives an entire bright appearance. There is a small artificial pond with a fountain in the middle. Most of the Wisteria plants here are older enough with thick stems. The entire area will be lighted up in the evenings till 8’O clock. Other plants like Pioneer also blooms during this time which enhances the scenery.

Statues in the park

The park is part of the Mandaraji Buddhist temple. The street leading towards the Mandaraji temple will be lined up with stalls on both sides and filled with visitors all around. Lots of Budha statues and a small pagoda could be seen aside from the Wisteria canopy. With small water streams, a small bridge etc.this park has a Japanese style garden too.

Pioneer flowers at the park

Walking through the park refreshes our mind and gives great pleasure as we could feel the fragrance as well as the beauty of long Wisteria florets hanging overhead. The fantastic fragrance of the flowers and the bees flying from one flower to the next very common views as we walk along.