Konan flower park(フラワーパーク、江南),Aichi

Konan flower park is situated in Konan city of Aichi prefecture. The flower is part of KISO SANSEN National park. The project includes a wide area with various attractions.

Konan park, Aichi

Konan flower park itself spread over a vast area with many varieties of seasonal flowers at its various parts. The entrance of the park contains a large pond decorated with flower pots on its banks and over the polls around the place. A beautiful building welcomes the visitors with various exhibits inside it. The first floor of the building has special areas where visitors can try making small handicrafts using wooden pieces, painting etc. Some such articles made there are kept for sale. The upper block has a flower arch with a number of paper roses arranged in a big circle. There are some wedding dress and other items kept aside. Visitors can try making paper roses for free. There are staff who are helping visitors who wish to make flowers using the paper supplied from there. People can either use the rose made by them to adorn the arch or can take it home. From the upper observation deck of the building, we can see the surrounding vast area included in the National park project. The Tenkiyouho tower(weather forecast tower) and Mizutomidorinokan(water and greenery exhibition hall) could be seen from there.

Exhibits of wooden crafts

The entire view of the park could be seen from the observation deck of the upper floor of the building. It is really an artistic view of the park filled with various flowering plants in different colours. Walking through the park, we can see various flowering plants all around. The wide lawns of this park make it a perfect picnic spot. There is a pond with a flower field behind it at one side of the park. Shibasakura, Tulip, Sunflower, Wisteria, cosmos etc. are present in the park during various seasons. 

We went there during May when it was the season of Wisteria known as Fujihana. The Konan park area has only a small number of Wisteria plants. But a wisteria festival held at another park area situated at a 10 minutes bus ride distance from the Konan park. During the Wisteria festival, special bus service is available in every 30 minutes from the Konan park. It is free of cost for the visitors.

View from the observation deck of the building

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