Greenpia botanical garden, Kasugai(グリーンピア、春日井 )

Greenpia is a botanical garden(Arboretum) situated in the woody and calm area of Kasugai. There are many activities and attractions waiting for visitors at this botanical garden. Upon entering the garden area, we could see a small zoo, with some sheep, monkeys, birds, horses etc. Pony riding for children is also available here.

The garden area is adorned with seasonal flowers year round. Some seasonal events are also conducted here. There is a greenhouse inside the botanical garden grounds where we can see neatly arranged seats and trees inside the glass covered walls and roofs of the ground floor of the building. The upper floors have many varieties of cactus plants. The walls and the roof of the building are also decorated with flowering plants hung in small pots. Many small food stalls are located near this building. Topiaries of various shapes could also be seen around here.

Greenpia botanical garden, Kasugai

Walking forward, we will reach a place with an artificial waterfall with a pond in front of it. This artificial waterbody in rectangular shape has many flowering plants on all its four sides. Beyond it is a building with exhibits of various kinds. There are photographs displayed inside a small tunnel-like portion of this building. Some plant varieties and bonsai were displayed there when we went there. It was the children’s day and we saw some special activities for kids in this building.

A lake behind this building has pedal boats for visitors. The calm atmosphere in this place is the best destination to enjoy a holiday and do a picnic. The vast lawn and shades of trees provide a very nice experience. There is a petting zone inside the park where children can pet goats, hens, hamsters, rabbits etc.

Petting zone for kids

Access :

Go to botanical garden by bus from Kozoji Station (takes 20 minutes)

(〒487-0001 3249-1, Hosonocho, Kasugai-shi, Aichi TEL 0568-92-8711)