Aichi Bokujo(愛知牧場)

Entrance to farm

Aichi Bokujo or the Aichi farm is a visitor friendly farm located at Nisshin town, south-east part of Nagoya. The area is a countryside with calm surroundings and nice scenery. We can see drawings and paintings of animals and farm inside the small tunnels and nearby places on the way to the farm. The vast area of the farm offers its visitors with chances to watch and enjoy the farm life in various ways. The farm houses cows, pony, horses etc. The entry to the farm is free while participating in some of the activities and events inside the farm cost some amount. There are vending machines located at various parts of the farm for selling such tickets. There is a petting zoo inside the farm where a separate entry ticket is there. It is especially targeting children who love to pet the sheep, birds, goats etc.

Paintings inside a tunnel on the way to farm


  1. Cow house: The cow-house of the farm has hundreds of beautiful cows and their calves. We can see the cute calves resting inside separate small houses made for them.  Visitors can watch cow milking, butter making, ice cream making etc. on weekends and holidays(each has separate entry ticket that costs a specific amount). You can even try milking a cow at special times.
  2. Pony and horse house: The pony shelter consists of around 10 ponies. There is a pony riding available for children with a fee of 500 yen. The horse house has around 50 horses. Horse riding is available for adults with a fee and horse riding classes are available with prior reservation.
  3. Golf lessons: A small golf court is situated here where a practising section is conducted with a special fee on almost all days.
  4.  Tractor ride: With a 300 yen ticket, visitors can ride a tractor which takes you through the entire farm.
  5. Barbeque: There is a barbewue spot inside the farm, where visitors can buy BBQ items at the stall nearby. They will provide everything for conducting the BBQ. Group entry need prior booking. 
  6. Flower field: The very beautiful attraction of this farm is the flower field. In summer, the farm is filled with poppy flowers of various colours. Autumn season it will be cosmos flowers and in winter, it is sunflower which adorns this area. 
  7. Petting zoo: The petting zoo has an entry fee of 400 yen. Visitors can touch and pet the various animals inside the petting zoo, under the supervision of the staff.
  8. Ice cream: The ice cream available at the stall inside the farm is the delicious part of Aichi farm visit. Without tasting it, a journey to here is incomplete.
  9. Other Entertainments: Children can enjoy floating in water inside plastic bubbles and there is a maze adventure at one end of the park. Visitors can enter inside the maze and try reaching the destination.

Access: 5 minutes walking distance from Kurozasa station on Tsurumai subway line.

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