Tokyo Sky Tower(東京スカイツリー)

Skytree of Tokyo is situated in Sumida. It is the tallest structure in Japan and world’s tallest tower. With a height of 634 meters, Tokyo Skytree is the second tallest structure in the world. 

The Skytree is actually a broadcasting tower of Tokyo which was built to overcome the communication and broadcasting difficulties of Tokyo tower which carried out the functions until then. Shops, an aquarium and planetarium are situated at the base of the tower. Inside the sky tree tower, there are two observation decks at a height of 350 meters and 450 meters which offer a panoramic view of the Tokyo city. The observation deck has glass windows on all its sides which offer visitors with great views of the city surrounding the tower. The observation deck at 350 meters height has some souvenir shops, restaurants etc. The tickets for both the observation decks are sold separately. The ticket for lowest observation deck could be bought from the fourth floor while the tickets for the upper deck is sold at the first deck.

Access :

  1. Tokyo sky tree station at Tobu Isesaki line.
  2. Oshiage station on the Tokyo Subway.

Official Website :