Asakusa Sensoji(浅草寺) temple, Tokyo

Asakusa, Tokyo

The Sensoji temple of Asakusa is one of the most important tourist destinations of Tokyo. It is a very ancient Buddhist temple dedicated to Lord Kannon, the Buddhist god of Mercy. The temple is located near the Asakusa station. The huge outer entrance gate of Sensoji has some big reddish lanterns hung overhead. The gate is known as Kaminarimo, which means thunder gate.


There is a long shopping street known as Nakamise extending from Kaminarimon, the first entrance gate of Sensoji temple to the second gate. Shops on both sides of the path mainly include souvenir shops and some food stalls. The second gates open into the wide grounds of Sensoji temple. The upper part of the Hozomon gate is said to be the place where some Buddhist sutras are kept. The gate has a reddish lantern along with two black lanterns on its both sides. Crossing the gate, we could see the five-storeyed pagoda. The main hall of the temple, we can see Omikuji stalls. Omikuji are the fortune tellers which are some pieces of paper written with some words. Believers could buy Omikuji and check their fortune.

Around the temple’s main hall is a Japanese style garden. We can see many Buddha statues, stone lanterns etc. throughout the place. Yogodo hall is another building situated here which was built in memory of a  monk called Ennin who played a significant role in building the temple. The Tokyo Skytree could be seen from the Asakusa temple grounds. Skytree is also located at some 20 minutes walking distance from Asakusa temple.


  1. Walking distance from Asakusa station on Ginza Line.

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